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5 Tips to improve your contact center’s NPS ®

by | 17 Jan 2023

As a contact center, you want to improve your return on investment and increase your revenue. To do this, you must first deliver positive and unparalleled experiences to your customers. Do your customers recommend your contact center to their friends and family, do they praise your company or the other way around? To getting to know better your contact center’s customers, we propose five tips to improve your Net Promoter Score ®.

Why you should improve your contact center’s NPS®

NPS ® offers an effective, data-driven approach to determining whether your contact center is achieving its goals. In case you are not familiar with the NPS ®, it is a single question survey tool. The NPS ® uses a 0-10 scale that asks your contact center’s customers if they would recommend your services to their peers.

Then, Net Promoter Score® applies a single calculation of the highest scores (9 or 10 for “promoters”) and the lowest (0-6 for “detractors”) to get an average. The aim is to know the growth and loyalty of customers. Many companies are using NPS® today. It has become an undeniable element in the era of customer relations and satisfaction.

Try it. Search for “NPS®” in your search bar and you will find many articles praising this score. So how will NPS® improve your contact center and how can you apply it to do so?

Improve your contact center by asking for qualitative feedback in addition to NPS®

Asking to rate your contact center on a numerical scale with NPS® is fine. However, also ask your customers what your agents can do to improve their experience. What are you doing right, what are you doing wrong and what could be improved? Based on their answers to these questions, you can identify your gaps and improve your services.

When you ask more open questions to your customers, they can choose to respond or not. But even if you don’t have all the responses you want, you can already gather a lot of qualitative info to improve your contact center’s NPS ®. Boost your contact center services and support your agents with qualitative information!

Improve your inefficient and redundant processes to boost your NPS ®

Have you ever had to move from one agent to another and explain your problem over and over again? It makes you lose patience, doesn’t it? It’s exactly the same with your customers. They don’t like contact centers where they have to talk to several people in different departments to get answers. This adds frustration, decreases customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of negative experiences. Which leads to a low NPS® for your contact center.

What you can do to avoid inefficient and redundant processes is improving the distribution between departments of your contact center. From the first contact with the customer with an effective IVR. Eliminate silos and integrate intelligent omnichannel routing into your customer service strategy. Automate your processes with AI, voice agents or chatbots. You will drastically improve your customer experiences, your CSAT and your NPS®.

Reduce average handle time (AHT) and improve first call resolution (FCR)

Like you, your customers want fast service and fast responses. We are all busy and impatient. That’s why it’s important to keep your contact center’s average handling time to a minimum.

Give your agents the right tools to simplify your contact center agent workflows and reduce agent errors. By decreasing the average response time and improving the problem resolution rate, your contact center’s AHT and FCR will improve. Your customers will be satisfied and the NPS ® of your contact center will increase.

Implement a balanced measurement strategy

Implement a measurement strategy that includes other measures such as Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Customer Satisfaction. To optimise your contact center, use NPS® with other comprehensive contact center reporting tools. Measure agent performance directly after a call to improve agent performance. Send quick questionnaires via SMS with a 0-10 scale to evaluate your agents. In short, diversify your evaluation channels and methods.

Create an “NPS® culture” in your contact center.

Identify agents with consistently high NPS® and make them ambassadors. By looking at customer feedback, you can identify which agents are performing better or worse.

You can provide the necessary training to address the performance gaps of poorly performing agents and rewards for high performers for example. Encourage immediate follow-ups in your contact center to improve poor NPS® experiences.

It costs a bit of work…

Beware, improving your contact center Net Promoter Score® is not a one-day process. It takes time and investment. To maintain the health of your contact center, measure and analyse your NPS® regularly. Improve your processes and adjust your services based on these analyses. After a while, you will see a greater impact on your customers’ experiences and on your NPS® in general.

Do you also want to try NPS® for your contact center? Ask our experts for a free demo!

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