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7 transactional emails examples for success

by | 8 Feb 2024

In the hyper-fast world of digital communication, transactional emails have become an integral part of maintaining strong, stable relationships with users. These messages are not just simple correspondence, they go beyond that: properly designed and used, they are powerful tools for engagement, brand building and customer loyalty. Let’s take a look at 7 examples of transactional email that can transform your communication strategy and, without doubt, your users’ experience.

Transactional email: definition and examples

To keep things simple and concrete, transactional emails provide crucial information to customers, following an action they’ve taken. They’re therefore “one-to-one” emails. The process of sending these emails is triggered “thanks” to the customer. And their importance is even greater, as they play a central role in customer interaction and, in fine, in building a relationship based on trust. And this trust is built on the exchange of invoices, reminders, updates and, of course, personalized content.

Now that we all know what we’re talking about, let’s take a look at the different types of transactional emails that can be useful to your communication strategy. This list is not exhaustive, but it can help you strengthen your communication strategy and improve your results!

Welcome emails

Make a good impression right from the start! A warm welcome sets the tone for a positive user experience. With welcome emails, you can greet new users, but also give essential information about the features and benefits of your tool, service…

This kind of transactional email is all about making users feel valued, and guiding them through your ecosystem.

Here’s a simple and effective example of a transactional welcome email.

Order confirmation emails

Do you run an e-commerce business? Then you know all about order confirmation emails. And so you should. They’re an essential part of establishing communication, trust and transparency with your customers. By using a professional platform, like Naxai, to send your order confirmations by email, you can be sure that they are sent and delivered promptly. And that all the necessary details are included: order summary, shipping information, tracking links…

Password reset emails

Security is top of mind in today’s digital landscape. Password reset emails for access to any platform, eshop or other, offer a secure and user-friendly way for customers to recover access to their account.

To be helpful and effective, you can include in your email clear instructions and a secure link to reset the password. The ideal is to remain concise and direct in the information given, getting straight to the point.

Account notification emails

Keeping users informed about their account activities improves their overall experience. Hence the importance of account notification emails. They provide users with information about important events taking place, such as changes to the user’s account or profile, subscription renewals or upcoming deadlines. Always, with links to the relevant sections where details of these activities can be found. These emails bring their account and your platform “to life”, and give your users a sense of interactivity and security.

Customer feedback and reviews

Once you’ve established a connection with your users or customers, it’s important to nurture that relationship. And this can be done by asking for their feedback on your platform or eshop with transactional emails (do not hesitate to use our examples). And you can easily collect valuable feedback via transactional emails. For example, after a successful transaction or interaction, a well-timed email encourages users to share their opinion. This makes them feel important because their feedback matters to you, but it also helps you improve and increase your brand’s credibility.

Learning e-mails

Communicating with your customers also includes providing useful information on how to use your platform or eshop. This is essential for user satisfaction. This kind of transactional email can be described as “educational”. And these emails can contain tips, tutorials or even best practices that will enable the user to maximize the benefits of your site.

Abandoned basket reminders

This works mainly for e-commerce platforms, and is known as “abandoned shopping baskets”. In other words, the user shops, but doesn’t complete the order. In a way, these are missed opportunities. So don’t miss the chance to convert them into sales. You can schedule automatic transactional emails to remind users that they have left items in their shopping cart. This will encourage them to finalize their purchase.

Optimizing your transactional emails

Now that we’ve discovered the different types of transactional emails, explored their advantages and given some concrete examples, let’s discuss how to optimize them to further increase their impact. Here we go!


Personalization is key! Tailor your transactional emails to reflect your brand’s personality (like our examples). Address recipients directly by name, and personalize content as much as possible. That is, according to their preferences or previous interactions.

Mobile responsiveness

Today, the majority of users read their emails on mobile devices. As a result, you can’t leave mobile responsiveness to chance. It’s clearly non-negotiable. So make sure you’re using the right tools to ensure that your platform, site or eshop is responsive. But also your emails. So that you can check that everything adapts correctly and seamlessly to different screen sizes, for a fluid user experience.

Clear calls to action (CTAs)

Be clear and effective in getting your users to take action. Encourage their engagement with clear, convincing CTAs. Whether inviting them to discover new features or gathering feedback, a well-placed and well-chosen CTA can truly enhance user interaction.

A/B testing

Don’t wait for results, go get them! Use analysis tools and perform A/B tests on your transactional emails, with our examples or not. Experiment, try, analyze… Change your email subjects, content formats, visuals… to identify the most effective strategies. And use them as much as possible!

Transactional emails are more than just notifications (it’s very clear now). They’re direct channels for engaging, loyalizing and converting users. We’ve just seen several examples, so don’t hesitate to use more than one! Because you can never do too much for the user experience. And take advantage of a platform like Naxai to create and send your transactional emails. It can really transform your communication strategy and lead you to success!

There’s a lot you can do to enhance your users’ experience, and harness the true potential of transactional emails with Naxai. So discover what’s possible during a demo with our specialists, or contact us to discuss your projects!

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