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Create effective post-call IVR surveys

by | 21 Nov 2023

You want your call centre to become more effective and to create a better quality of service. That’s a challenge. You probably have a customer-centric policy, and you train your call agents to become more service-oriented. But do you know if the satisfaction of your customers is increasing? The only way to find out is to ask them through post-call IVR surveys.

Why should you choose post-call IVR surveys?

Why should you choose post-call IVR surveys and first, what is IVR? In short, IVR is an automated telephony system that allows computers to interact with humans by using voice applications. A great solution to get feedback from your customers is to use the phone, through interactive voice response (IVR) surveys. Post-call IVR surveys can benefit your marketing or customer service through various methods.

So, are you ready to use IVR for your next survey? Here are 8 steps to make it as effective as possible.

1. Decide and focus on a specific topic for your surveys

We know you want to gather as much information as you can from your customers. But a focus on a specific topic allows you to maximize the willingness of your customers to participate and to set clear KPI’s to improve. Moreover, a concise topic doesn’t generate ambiguity, meaning you can interpret your post-call IVR survey results.

2. Develop questions relevant to the topic

Of course, you want your questions to relate specifically to your chosen topic. That’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to stick to the survey topic and make sure your questions are easy to interpret. For you, and especially for your customers.

3. Keep your words simple

You need to make sure all your customers understand the questions of your post-call surveys. Moreover, the use of simple language creates no room for interpretation. Also, the words and sentences you use for your IVR survey should be unbiased, so keep your wording as neutral as possible.

4. Look for continuity in your IVR survey

When you set the order of your questions, try to list them chronologically or at least in a logical order. That means you can guide your customers through your survey, without giving them a feeling of losing track.

5. Use restricted questions with ordered answers

While open-ended questions generate rich, qualitative data, they make it hard and time-consuming for you to interpret all answers. Try to ask restricted questions with ordered alternatives in your IVR survey. That will reduce respondent confusion, and provide you with enriched data. You could for example ask « Did the call agent provide you with a useful solution?Press 1 for “not at all”, press 2 for “not really”, press 3 for “more or less”, press 4 for “yes”, and press 5 for “definitely”. »

Create effective post-call IVR surveys

6. Use the right scale

Your customers aren’t likely to pick answers in the extremes. If you have a three-point scale, you only have one option – the answer in the centre – that is comfortable for your customers. To enrich your insights, we suggest you use a scale with at least five points. Moreover, if you like to use a Net Promoter Score ®, you need to have a ten-point scale.

7. Keep your post-call IVR survey short

If you limit the number of questions and response options, your post-call IVR survey is more likely to be successful. Keep in mind that automated surveys have a greater chance of drop-off than classical surveys. Therefore, also limit the survey duration to a maximum of three minutes.

8. Test, evaluate, and modify

An IVR survey can be a great thing to achieve your goal: getting relevant and useful feedback. However, your post-call IVR survey must be spot on. It should motivate your customers to participate and provide you with the insights you are looking for. Therefore, you need to test your survey, not only with your colleagues but also with a small sample of your customer base. After the test, you can evaluate what to improve, and then make the necessary adjustments before you launch.
You should also be critical of your survey. Is it working as it should? Is it effective? Where do people drop off and what can you do about it? You can only make sure your IVR survey is effective if you evaluate it once in a while.

So, know that you know more about surveys and their impact on businesses, let’s discover our tool for your company! Contact our team of experts, they will analyze your needs, your business and propose the best survey solution.

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