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Create Survey: 7 Steps, 5 Questions and One Magic Trick

by | 13 Dec 2022

Do you think your company is doing a good job? Great! But honestly, how can you prove it? The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so only your customers can really experience your offer and services. So, to find out what they think, a satisfaction survey is not a bad idea. But how do you create a survey? In this article, we look at this with you and give you 5 basic questions that can be very useful in your survey.

How to Create a Survey?

Before you embark on creating a survey to measure customer satisfaction, you should know that it is not simple, nor is it complicated. But it is important to have a structure and to stick to it so that it is really valuable.

7 Steps To Create An Effective Survey

Here are some steps to get you started:

Define your objectives

Measuring customer satisfaction is not an end in itself. Create a satisfaction survey helps to ensure another goal. Make sure you define it and stick to it.

Write the questions

Be specific and do not go too far. Often, keeping it simple is the best way to be understood and to create a survey which is effective.

Test your survey

Don’t forget this step! Because even if you have already created your survey, this does not mean that it is directly finished. Test your survey at least twice, so that you can finalise it. At this stage, take advantage of your team. With the feedback from your staff, you will already have a first impression of the structure of your questionnaire, the way you ask your questions… Next, move on to a sample of your customers. This will give you a small insight into measuring customer satisfaction.

Send your survey

Let’s go! After creating your survey, you can now send it to your customers to get their feedback. And it will be valuable information for measuring customer satisfaction.

Collect the answers

Once you have submitted your survey, you will receive the responses. In Naxai, you have access to real-time reporting and many useful information.

Analyse the data

It is now time to take a closer look at your customers’ responses. This allows you to turn feedback into insights.

Take action

Once you have analysed the data, you can set up an action plan and improve your processes, your products, your services…

And you can always create another survey…

You see, create an effective survey to measure customer satisfaction is important and not that complicated.

Let’s move on to the basic questions you can use in your surveys.

5 Questions to Create Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

1. How happy are you with us?

When you create your survey, this question is a great start: it’s easy and gives you a first and profound insight. Allow your customer to answer with a five-point scale and restricted answers. You still need additional questions to gain more actionable insights.

2. How do you rate the following aspects of [your company]?

In this question, your customer can evaluate the quality of specific aspects of your company, such as your products and services, your customer support, etc. You can allow your customers to rate these aspects in the following scale: poor, average, good, excellent.

3. How likely are you to recommend [your company]?

This is the classical and popular question when creating surveys. Using a rating of 0 to 10, it allows you to measure your Net Promoter Score ® (NPS ®). It’s the perfect satisfaction metric to track over longer periods of time, and has a direct correlation with the success of your company.

4. Do you intend to return within the next 30 days?

If you compare the costs of attracting a new customer versus retaining an existing one, you know that you should invest in retention. The intention of repurchase is quite straightforward, but not applicable for any business. If you sell cars or telecommunication services, this question is worthless. In all other cases, it’s pretty useful to capture the loyalty of your customers.

5. Is there anything you wish to add?

This is an open-ended question closing your survey. When you create your survey, think about this one. It’s definitely useful, as every customer has a story and might want to add a remark or suggestion you can use to improve your products or business. This type of question is a qualitative one, and needs more time and effort to analyse. However, it’s worth the investment.

6. The magic trick: consistency

All of the above questions are only useful when you ask them on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’ll just have an indication of how you’re performing at a specific moment. However, you want to know how your company is evolving. Therefore, you need consistence: ask the same questions every month, every three months or every year, and use segmentation to make cross segment interpretations. That’s the only way to see the evolution of your reputation among customers.

As you have seen, while create an effective survey is so important, it is not so complicated. Deciding to measure customer satisfaction on a regular basis is a good idea and by following a few good practices, you can quickly achieve excellent results! For any self-respecting successful business, this is a must!

In any case, Naxai, the survey platform for business can help you. You want to create your first survey and measure customer satisfaction? Book your demo now!

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