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Customer Survey: which alternative’s the best for you?

by | 21 Nov 2022

The feedback from your customers is a goldmine. If you gather, analyse and use it right, you have everything you need to improve your business constantly. But there are a lot of alternatives. So, which customer survey alternatives can you choose? Here’s a comparison of the most common ways to gather customer feedback.

If you’re looking for the right solution for your customer survey, you have to choose the best alternative for you and for your customers. Today, being omnichannel is key. However, your customers aren’t waiting for a survey that takes a lot of time. That’s a thin line to walk. So, when comparing customer survey alternatives, you have to find the right balance, based on your customers’ acceptance level and your information needs. Moreover, you need to be aware of how much time you want to spend analysing the responses.

So let’s cut to the chase. In our experience, there are different viable alternatives. We’ll sum them up and give you the pros and cons.

E-mail survey tool

A tool for customer surveys like e-mail allows you to get qualitative feedback, but the response rate is relatively low. That means that those customers who do take the time to answer your survey via e-mail are more likely to be engaged with your brand, and they will take the time to provide you with comments that give you more details about their experience with your brand.

So if you want high-quality data and thorough insights, e-mail might be the right choice for your business. In that case, you’re focusing on quality, rather than quantity.

SMS customer survey

Your customers spend more and more of their time on their mobile phones. So why not grab them where they are? A good alternative for customer surveys is SMS. A direct message survey is ideal in a world of transactional updates and one-to-one communication via SMS. Looking for an effective and immediate way to interact with your customers? SMS is the way to go.

If you want a quick, simple and effective survey, SMS is the right choice for you without annoying your clients. In that case, the response rate will be higher, and you will have a continuously updated insight into the satisfaction of your customers.

Voice survey alternative

Another original customer survey alternative is using Voice. Voice surveys have the same advantages as surveys via e-mail (high-quality data), with a higher response rate as an extra. Because when someone calls, there’s a lot more than a 30% chance that you pick up the phone. However, this kind of survey can be very time-consuming. Imagine this: you call your customer, ask him the list of questions and put their responses into your datasheet. Imagine you would do this for 10 clients per day… Luckily, this can be fully automated. Using Interactive Voice with dial options, voice recognition, and a direct link to your database, you don’t have to do anything while getting the insights you need. 

If you want high-quality data and more volume, a survey via automated calls are the right solution for you.


If you’re looking for a tool for your customer survey, there are some alternatives to choose from. But you can also mix them up. Don’t hesitate to ask our Naxai experts to advise you and give you a demo!

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