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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction?

by | 9 Mar 2023

Wherever you are and whatever your business is, customer satisfaction is at the centre of your concerns. And if not, it should be, because this concept offers significant potential for your company. But how do you get data about customer satisfaction and, more importantly, how do you measure it? Good news, there are many ways, and they are at your fingertips thanks to Naxai.

If you are interested in customer satisfaction, you will know that it is essential for your business. After all, satisfied customers are customers who consume. And to find out if they are, you first have to ask them. How do you do this? The most common way is through surveys. There are several types, each gives a result on a specific aspect of customer satisfaction. They are all interesting and provide added value and a different perspective on the level of satisfaction of your customers.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Customer Satisfaction

Before we list the most common tools below, let’s stress once again the importance of the concept of customer satisfaction and its evaluation. Customer satisfaction is really a valuable part of your business and can contribute to your success. It can help you make business decisions but also differentiate your company from the competition.

So don’t hesitate to ask your customers for their opinion on a regular basis and, above all, listen to them to improve your products, your customer service… They are the key to the success of your company. It is easy, you can do it simply by sending a survey, and the return is huge.

3 Tools to Know About Customer Satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is relatively simple. As we said before, you can get the customer satisfaction level through surveys.

Let’s take a closer look at the three most popular surveys for measuring customer satisfaction:

Net Promoter Score ® (NPS ®)

NPS ® (for Net Promoter Score®) is a method that evaluates the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s product or service. In other words, it measures the customer loyalty.

It is calculated on the basis of your customers answers to the question, “How likely is it – on a scale from 0 to 10 – that you would recommend our customer service to a friend or a colleague?”

Your customers are then divided in three categories: 

  • Promoters score very high (9 or 10) and are very likely to recommend your company. They are your most loyal customers.
  • Passives give you a 7 or an 8. They are recurrent customers that could go to competition.
  • Detractors rate you a 6 or less. They are not satisfied with your services and can damage your brand image.

To get your NPS ®, you just need to subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. It’s that simple.

In the end, you will get a result that allows you to measure long-term satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score ® (NPS ®)

Customer Effort Score (CES)

Another way to measure customer satisfaction is CES. This kind of survey concerns the level of ease of interaction between the customer and the products and/or services (and thus the company). It is an index that measures the “effort a customer has to put in” for a reaction from the company. This can be the resolution of a problem, the purchase or return of a product or the answer to a question.

The CES is calculated according to customers’ answers to the question “on a scale from ‘very easy’ to ‘very difficult’, how easy was it to interact with [company name]?”

A company that offers a zero-effort service will have a score of 7/7. On the contrary, the more difficult the company is to contact, the closer the score will be to 1/7.

Customer Effort Score (CES)

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Compared to the NPS ®, the CSAT score is a good short-term indicator of customer satisfaction.

As a way to measure customer satisfaction, CSAT determines the level of customer satisfaction at key interaction moments. This could be after a call, an online purchase, or the resolution of a support ticket, for example. This tool is useful because it allows you to draw conclusions and improve your products and services based on the measure of customer satisfaction.

CSAT is based on the answers to the question asked at the end of a satisfaction survey: “How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the [product/service] you received?” The possible answers range from 1 to 5, from ‘very dissatisfied‘ to ‘very satisfied‘. And the result is given as a percentage.

To go further, you can also ask the customer’s opinion on a more specific element such as your product, delivery, customer service… You will then have an interesting result on a specific subject. You can thus improve the negative or less good points in the evaluation that your customers have given you. A great advantage.

While these are the best known and most effective methods, there are others that are often less qualitative. But feel free to use your creativity and broaden your horizons. All feedback is always welcome.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Measuring Customer Satisfaction Can Be as Easy as Child’s Play

Improving your customer satisfaction is part of a whole process. And, as you have seen, there are several tools to help you. But never forget to do the whole process. This means that once you have the data in your hands, analyse it and put actions in place. Only by doing the whole thing will you be able to act and thus improve your customer satisfaction.

Naxai is a platform where you can find all kinds of tools for your customer satisfaction surveys. The choice is yours! In addition to finding everything in one place and having a simple and efficient tool at your fingertips, you also have access to a much broader service and quality support. Whatever your objective, you will never be alone again to achieve it!

Discover now Naxai!

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