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Improve Customer Experience in your Call Centers with NPS ®

by | 27 Mar 2023

For a call center, measuring customer satisfaction is centric. There is a lot of data and, the management of this data is complicated. Your call center agents need to ensure that they are meeting customer needs and keeping customer satisfaction high. Using NPS ® (Net Promoter Score ®) to improve customer experience in your call center could be a good option. Net Promoter Score ® improves customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your call center. Discover how!

What is NPS ® (Net Promoter Score ®)?

What is this NPS ® that everyone is talking about? You have probably already taken an NPS ® survey after a call or online. NPS ® is the abbreviation for “Net Promoter Score ®“. It tells a company the percentage of customers who recommend their company to others. It is a very simple way to measure customer loyalty.

In general, NPS ® applications include variations of this question: “How likely are you to recommend this company (or product/service) to a friend, colleague or family member?” Then, marketing (or the customer satisfaction department or another department) analyses and collects the NPS ® responses using a scale of 0 to 10. A low score (6 or less) indicates poor customer satisfaction. On the other hand, a high score (between 9 and 10) indicates exceptional customer satisfaction.

How to calculate the NPS ® of your contact center?

As mentioned above, the NPS ® score gives a score on a scale of 0 to 10 based on your customers’ response to the standard question. Then your customers are divided into three categories: promoters, passives and detractors.

  • Promoters (scoring between 0 and 10) are loyal enthusiasts of your contact center. They are the most likely to return and recommend your services to new customers.
  • Passives (scoring between 7 and 8) are customers who feel “good” about your contact center. They are still vulnerable to other services and your competitors.
  • Detractors (giving a score of 0 to 6) are dissatisfied customers. Not only are they vulnerable to your competitors, but they can also damage your contact center. Through word of mouth or online and network reviews, they can do damage.

Then the NPS ® score of your contact center is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. The result is your NPS ® score. A good NPS ® target is a positive percentage where you have mostly promoters, few detractors and some passives.

NPS ® is composed of detractors, passives and promoters.

Why should I use NPS ® to improve my contact center?

In contact centers, time and resources are often missing. However, to improve customer experience, you need to focus on collecting and interpreting data that matters most. It is essential to take a step back and get a quality overview of your contact center. Thanks to the Net Promoter Score ® (NPS ®), it is possible.

The ultimate goal of your call center is to provide a positive customer experience. That’s why the NPS ® score can help you. Use NPS ® to establish benchmarks, create incentives for agents, predict future gains or losses and refine some strategies in your contact center.

However, it is impossible to satisfy your contact center customers and improve your efficiency and productivity without knowing how your users feel. To know how effective your agents are, how customers feel about your agents and how happy they are, you need to use effective analytics. You can’t increase your contact center’s revenue and ROI without first evaluating how well you are helping customers.

Improve your NPS ® through positive customer experiences

All customer satisfaction measures (NPS ®, CSAT and CES) can be improved through positive customer experiences. It is centric to improve your NPS® score by optimising customer relationships, improving call center operations and reducing customer journey frustrations.

Use the callback service option to avoid long hold times. Long hold times are frustrating for callers and your call center agents alike. You can contact customers during your call center’s off-peak hours by optimising calls with the callback service. This will increase your NPS ® quickly. In addition, send notifications via SMS to improve your contact center’s NPS ®.

Why is NPS ® a critical metric for call centers?

Because it has a direct impact on the performance of your business. A company’s NPS ® can predict a company’s growth and revenue. It gives a general overview of the relationship between your call center, your agents and the end customer.

As an outsourced call center, a good NPS ® score will also satisfy your customers. If your services are flawless and your agents are good, your clients’ end customers will be happy. Most of your customers will be promoters and will recommend you to their partners. Of course, measure your NPS ® score but allow your customers to measure their score in case they outsource their call center services.

In conclusion, whether you are a call center or a marketing or customer satisfaction manager, the NPS ® can help you improve your services and your reputation. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts for a demo to show you the power of NPS ®.

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