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Make a cheaper and effective survey with automated voice

by | 9 Aug 2023

Measuring the customer service experience takes time, effort and money. Logical, but sometimes you wonder whether you should do it at all… And yet … have you ever heard of automated voice surveys? This kind of customer satisfaction survey could save you a lot of time and money, and make your customers happy! Let’s see how. 

First things first: the automated voice survey

Generally speaking, after a phone call to customer service, it’s usual and even recommended to carry out an automated voice survey. Specifically, this is an automated call made a few seconds after the call, by a robot, with the customer you have just had on the line. So you can get feedback as close as possible to the interaction, and therefore to their experience with you. In terms of operation, it’s thanks to an automated script and voice recognition that your customers’ comments are directly processed.

The result: you get instant information, enabling you to act and take action very quickly, and perhaps even before the damage is done.

Get the best out of your voice survey

Setting up an automated voice survey isn’t complicated. Call centers or not. In any case, anyone can do it with the right tools.

But, in the end, the real challenge is to make one that works and helps you achieve your objectives. And that’s where having a bit of technique, or at least a common thread or guide of some kind, can help to create an effective automated voice survey.

So we have put together a short summary of the steps you can take to get the most out of your automated voice survey.

Keep your automated voice survey short

Your survey is not an opportunity to ask your customers about every aspect of your business. This is not only irrelevant, it will also reduce customer engagement and increase irritation. Definitely not good for you and your reputation.

Surveys via automated voice should be short and simple. The best way to achieve this is to get organized beforehand. Think carefully about what you want to know. And focus on that. Just on that. And make sure your post-call survey lasts no longer than two minutes. Otherwise, you could be faced with a significant loss of customers.

Develop relevant questions in your survey

As we said, the structure is the key to efficiency. So, before you start designing your survey questions, think carefully about the quantitative and qualitative information you want to obtain. Take the time to analyze your needs and where you want to go.

And once you get to the stage of creating the questions, always keep in mind what you want to achieve. What feedback do you need? That’s what’s going to give you relevant feedback.

Also remember to ask relevant and useful questions. For example, if you want to know more about the quality of your customer service, there’s no point asking your customer how long it took to find the phone number…

With Naxai, templates are available to help and guide you in the creation of your questions. A great help.

In short, you need to have a defined objective and relevant questions that will help you to obtain relevant feedback. This is the only way to achieve effective results and improve your services.

Ask simple questions in your survey

Your survey must be understood by everyone. This is essential if you want to get as many responses as possible.

But it’s not always easy… Sometimes, respondents may not understand complex words or sentence structures. But it can also be related to listening. In other words, since the survey is voice-based, some respondents may not have caught the question at all. This is why it’s so important to formulate your questions simply, to avoid any confusion.

So, always look for simple alternatives for your automated voice survey questions. And don’t forget to be brief. When you take part in a survey, you are already doing it according to your own free will… So imagine how you would react if a survey were long and incomprehensible…

Design restricted questions

It’s clear that with open-ended questions, you can obtain much richer data than with restricted questions. By letting your respondents express themselves, you get more qualitative and precise information.

But there is another thing to consider: interpreting the answers takes time … a lot of time…

So it’s important to find the right balance between open and restricted questions. That way, you can maintain your efficiency.

Therefore, try to ask as many restricted questions as possible in your automated voice survey, and, as a bonus, with quantified alternatives. With this technique, you can even process short answers automatically. And you will have a clear, instant view of respondents’ reactions.

In addition, Naxai’s survey solution offers sentiment analysis using artificial intelligence. Another practical tool for analyzing feedback quickly and easily.

Ask for help to create your survey

Because there is sometimes a huge gap between theory and practice, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Whether you need help creating your survey, defining your questions … it’s better to get help than to do nothing at all.

Start by using professional, reliable tools. Naxai is a comprehensive, easy-to-use satisfaction survey platform developed by and for professionals. You’ll find templates, documentation, guides … everything you need to help you create killer surveys.

Need a little extra help creating your automated surveys? Our team is here for you. We develop effective, ready-to-use voice surveys. With tailor-made voice scenarios and an efficient method of data collection and presentation. So why not take advantage? Let’s get in touch!

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