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What is a good survey question?

by | 12 Jul 2023

When it comes to developing your business, customer feedback is a real goldmine. And to collect it, you need to create effective survey with good survey questions. That is how you can listen to your customers and improve your services to satisfy them. But how do you find the right questions? What is a good question? The one that will give you the right responses? In this article, we explain it all.

survey question in your survey

Why is it important to ask good survey questions?

At the heart of your survey are your questions. They are essential to finding out what your customers think. To help you gather the information you need, your survey questions need to be clear and concise. Leave no room for doubt. And you will get valuable answers.

You also need to think about the timing of your survey. It’s important to conduct your survey at the right stage of the customer journey. That way, you can get reliable data on your customers’ needs and motivations. The more accurate the timing, the greater your power to improve.

Finally, you need to think about the format of your survey. Email, web page, call, SMS… There are plenty of possibilities. And if you decide quickly on the format, you can more easily find the right wording for your survey questions. A considerable time-saver.

How to conduct your surveys

The format and type of survey you choose will depend on your objectives, resources and budget. But a few guidelines are always helpful.

For example, if you want to conduct a good survey, create questions that are easy to understand. Your customers will be much more enthusiastic about responding to a survey that seems simple and quick, and you will increase the number of responses and information you can collect.

Use a survey with an easy-to-use interface to create attractive, interactive survey templates. Many tools make it easy to create and distribute surveys, collect data and analyze responses.

Another tip if you want to quickly survey specific topics on the website or your products. Use a feedback tool that is displayed each time a user visits. This is a tool used on websites or mobile applications to find out about users’ experience with an online service. With this tool, you can answer the question “why do your visitors behave the way they do on your website or app?

What is a good survey question?

A good survey question is one that gives you clear and essential information about your customers. Indeed, your survey questions help you to get to know your target audience better, but not only that. Thanks to your customers’ answers, you can also set your prices more accurately, find out whether your products are appreciated by your target audience, and determine what you could enhance or modify.

Surveys can also help you improve your support. For example, they can help you optimize your customer service and FAQ system, thanks to user questions and answers.

Finally, when it comes to competition and churn itself, find out what’s stopping people from buying from you, or why visitors are leaving your website. With all this information, gathered from good survey questions, you can reduce your churn rate!

Once you have all this information, take action: adapt your website, your products, your landing pages and/or your messages. Improve the user experience, the customer journey and increase your conversions and the number of satisfied customers.

Why you should conduct surveys with a professional tool

How to choose the right tool?

If you’re going to conduct satisfaction surveys, it’s essential to do so with the right tool. In other words, a tool that’s made for the job. Why? Because it can offer you a lot. Like templates (with good survey questions) and useful features. For example, with Naxai, we have decided to deliver a wide range of communication channels. Whatever channel you want (because your customers like it), you can choose. And when you receive feedback, a professional tool allows you not only to see the results, but also to analyze them (graphs, artificial intelligence…). All elements that simplify your work and bring you real added value.

Why use surveys?

Surveys are cool, but they are also useful. Yes, it is. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to do some:

  • Test your customers’ satisfaction
  • Find potential flaws in your business processes
  • Inspect brand and competitor awareness
  • Gather customer or employee feedback on your product or service
  • Analyze market trends when launching a new product or service
  • Carry out relevant research afterwards and make informed, productive decisions
  • Better understand employee and customer expectations and optimize your services

So, you know why you should do your next survey? And choose the right questions? In any case, surveys help you create brand awareness and understand what you’re missing to become a leader in your market.

Got a question? A comment? Or would you like to get started with Naxai? Ask our experts, they will answer all your questions to create your custom survey with our omnichannel tool.

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