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What is eNPS ® and why is it important?

by | 22 Jun 2023

Since it was popularised in 2003, the Net Promoter Score ® (NPS ®) has become a widely used measure. Both for measuring customer and employee satisfaction. So many companies use eNPS ® or Employee Net Promoter Score ® to measure employee satisfaction. If this is a valuable tool, you can add the power of communication channels. And then choose the medium that suits you and your employees the best.

First, what is eNPS ®?

Let’s start at the beginning: all comes from the Net Promoter Score ®. Also called NPS ®, this is a typical benchmark measure for evaluating the fidelity of a company’s relationship with its customers. In short, the NPS ® measures the likelihood of your customers recommending your company to a friend.

The difference between NPS ® and eNPS ®

As you might have understood, eNPS ® is the same system as the Net Promoter Score ® but dedicated to employees. So, it allows you to find out about the general satisfaction of employees and their loyalty to the company. In other words, the eNPS ® measures the likelihood that staff members will recommend their company as a place to work. In practice, the eNPS takes the form of a question asking employees how likely they are to “promote” their company on a scale of 0 to 10.

Depending on the answers, several categories exist (on a scale of 10):

  1. The « Promoters » (from 9 to 10);
  2. The « Passives » (from 7 to 8);
  3. The « Detractors » (from 0 to 6).
eNPS categories

The Employee Net Promoter Score ® is calculated by taking the percentage of detractors and subtracting it from the percentage of promoters. Then you get your company’s eNPS ® score between 0 and 100.

Why using the Employee Net Promoter Score ®?

More than just a score, this measure can be very useful to you for several reasons. eNPS ® allows you to analyze employees’ responses to improve company life. But also collect the reactions of all employees and engage with them on multiple channels.

Whether it is via SMS, email or even automated voice, it is possible to adapt the channel according to the habits of the employees and the company. Your message and their commitment will be all the stronger because it corresponds to everyone’s needs.

Big advantage, eNPS ® provides a clear and precise overview of the results. With this, you can see the employees’ feedback in concrete results.

Why is eNPS ® important?

Indeed, the eNPS ® score is important. Because, in combination with other metrics, it enables to analyze the company’s performance and productivity. You can use it to analyze the employer brand and put employees at the heart of the company’s concerns.

Well, taking an interest in the opinion of employees is morally and humanly very important. Employees feel listened to and involved through this type of questionnaire. Provided, of course, that all the data that have been analyzed through eNPS ® are implemented!

How to get a good score?

That’s a good question! If you want to obtain a good eNPS ®, first of all, involve as many employees as possible. The more answers you get, the more correct the data will be. And you will have a 360-degree view. To do this, find some kind of motivation. Reward the employees who answer the eNPS ®, for example.

Which channel to choose?

Once you’ve decided to do your eNPS ® surveys, you need to determine how to send them out. The chosen channel often depends on the target audience. For corporate and internal use, a practical way can be email. However, the response rate may be lower. So why not send a reminder via SMS to your employees to tell them to go to their mailboxes? It’s a fact, the most effective way to communicate (with a high response rate) is still SMS. Send the eNPS ® survey directly via SMS and most of employees will respond instantly. Everyone has their phone close by!

You can also use automated voice. The combination of voice and SMS already works very well in the field of customer experience. The principle is simple: after a customer service call, ask the respondent to rate his or her satisfaction. An SMS follows and the person gives a score from 1 to 10. Quite simple! And this system can easily be applied to employees of medium to very large companies. This increases the response rate compared to one message among a mountain of other emails…

Now you know all about eNPS ®. Its ins and outs. The do’s and don’ts. Next step for you is launch your surveys! And if you would like to find out more about our HR solutions, feel free to visit our dedicated page or contact our experts!

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