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Improve internal processes and operations with surveys



Company size

12 000 employees

Operations per year

20 000

Type of surveys


Surveys per year

5 000

Providing quality service should be at the heart of your concerns. And to ensure that your service meets your customers’ expectations, there are several solutions. For example, you can improve your internal processes with customer satisfaction surveys. Let’s take a closer look at this case study.

In a competitive sector, it is essential to differentiate yourself. Whether it’s by the offer, the research, the development or the sustainability or the digitalization, but also by the quality of your services.

This is especially true in service sectors, where many technicians or consultants are in the field. In this context, it is important to be able to ensure that the service offered to customers is good, but also that the internal process works properly. This can be done by implementing satisfaction surveys (NPS ® for example). This system makes it possible to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction, but it is also an excellent way to evaluate the functioning of an after sales department for example. Perfect to adapt and improve internal processes.


improve internal processes

Challenge: evaluate business processes by measuring customer satisfaction

To evaluate and improve your internal processes, you can use a satisfaction survey system by SMS, email, voice… Today, the good performance of departments such as after sales or customer service is essential to ensure the success of a company. This implies an increasing number of field operations and therefore a potential increase of requests or complaints. Because a customer service is mainly contacted when there is a problem, not when everything is going well…

Solution: conduct satisfaction surveys to improve processes


There are different types of surveys, but in this case, you can organize NPS ® satisfaction surveys.

Based on the number of field operations performed, you can send surveys to, for example, a quarter of the customers affected, randomly. And, with platforms like Naxai, you can also plan to automate the sending of customer contact information directly to the department that processes the survey results. Time saving and efficiency guaranteed!

For maximum relevance, you can prepare a list of about ten questions of which only three will be sent, randomly, to the customers. In addition to the classic NPS ® question, ask two questions about the performance of the intervention (planning, speaker…). The NPS ® question, asked at the end, allows you to obtain the famous NPS ® score.

Finally, thanks to the use of a tool like Naxai, you have access to comprehensive and easy-to-read reports to evaluate the level of satisfaction. And all these reports also give a view on the performance of the workers (technicians, consultants…). They can then receive feedback on their intervention to improve themselves. And allow you to continuously improve your service and internal processes.



What is the NPS ® score and what is it used for?


NPS ® (for Net Promoter Score ®) is a method that evaluates the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s product or service. It measures the customer loyalty.

It is calculated on the base of your customers answers the question, “How likely is it – on a scale from 0 to 10 – that you would recommend our customer service to a friend or a colleague?

Your customers are then divided in three categories:

    • Promoters score very high (9 or 10) and are very likely to recommend your company. They are your most loyal customers
    • Passives give you a 7 or an 8. They are recurrent customers that could go to competition
    • Detractors rate you a 6 or less. They are not satisfied with your services and can damage your brand image.


    To get your NPS ®, you just need to subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. It’s that simple.

    You will get a result that allows you to measure long-term satisfaction. Implementing satisfaction surveys can do much more than just measure customer satisfaction. It can really improve your internal processes with the evaluation of interventions and stakeholders. And therefore, quickly boost your service and your business.


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