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Find all the features you need to communicate with your customers. And more. Make their experience a unique adventure to remember.

One survey. Multiple languages.

Send multilingual surveys

Translate your surveys to get more answers

Multilingual surveys make it easier to get feedback and help you get more answers faster. By translating surveys, you can reach customers from around the globe, regardless of their native tongue. This ensures they fully understand the questions. As a result, you’ll get more answers and more accurate feedback.

No worries – customers will automatically receive the survey in their preferred language.

Easy translation tool

Localisation in over 50 languages

Automatic translation

Advanced translation with customization

Language-specific questions thanks to segmentation

Filter reports by language

Right questions to right customers

Understand and target your customers better

Divide your customers into segments to refine your communications and reach the right people.

Create segments based on demographic, geographic and behavioral parameters, and even events or interactions with your business. Gain a better understanding of your customers and tailor communication directly to their needs, preferences and attitudes.

Manual or dynamic segments

File import

Contact attributes

Customer journey events

Filtered report by segment


Build smart surveys
with conditional logic

Conditional logic for survey

Create a custom survey experience

With conditional logic, ask smarter questions tailored to your customers. Define conditions that trigger certain questions to get more precise and meaningful answers for your business. And on top of that, don’t overwhelm your respondents with useless questions.

User-friendly tool

Logic based on contact attributes or survey data

Custom path according to answers given

Set all or any conditions to be met

Master the ultimate in personalization

Talk to every customer, personally

Go further in personalizing your communications with dynamic custom fields. Take personalization to the extreme, tailoring your surveys to customer data and events in the customer journey. And even automate various texts according to the progress of the survey. For a unique experience and improved engagement and response rates.

Using contact attributes or survey data

Text customization and conditions

Conditions for text content adaptation

Based on Liquid Syntax with tags, conditions and filters

Full documentation available

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