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email analytics data retention

Tailored data retention

Every business has unique data retention needs. That’s why, within Naxai, you can choose the retention period that aligns perfectly with your business requirements. By default, Naxai retains the complete content, including attachments, and message history of every email for 30 days. However, you have the flexibility to modify these settings for both content (with attachments) and activity logs (such as failure, open, and click events) independently

The aim is to adapt to your needs and security rules. For example, you can set the content retention time to 0 days, so that it is deleted directly after sending. Or, conversely, keep activity logs for 30 days, for example, to track deliverability information.

In-depth email data

Naxai doesn’t stop at just email content. We provide comprehensive data regarding each email, its recipients, and the events associated with the messages. This includes:

Time of acknowledgment by receiving mail servers

Details of any issues with recipients

Timestamps of email views, including who viewed it, email client, and location when open tracking is activated

previem email analytics activity
preview activity log

Webhooks for seamless integration

In addition to monitoring bounce, delivery, open, and click events, you can utilize webhooks to streamline API requests, transmit tracking data back to your product, and exchange activity information (such as complaints or subscription updates) with other platforms, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions.

Access analytics via API

Our Metrics API allows you to incorporate your Naxai email activities into your tailored dashboards or applications. Showcase analytics like open rates, bounce rates, and other related data to make data-driven decisions.

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Transactional email

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Email API

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Email webhooks

Connect your applications for real-time updates.

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Suppression list

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