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Easily manage deletion with email suppression list

Discover why your recipients end up on your email suppression list and improve your email deliverability to keep a clean and engaged audience.

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There are many reasons for your recipients to end up on your email suppression list. And it’s important to know what they are to prevent this from happening again or more. Whether it’s bounced emails, unsubscribes or spam reports, understanding the cause allows you to make the necessary adjustments to your email campaigns.

With Naxai, you can get this information easily, so you can take action and avoid growing that list!


How suppression lists work

The operation of suppression lists is straightforward and automated. Typically, emails are automatically included in your company’s suppression list when:

A client opts out of your email services

A client encounters email delivery issues

A client marks your emails as spam

Suppression lists reasons

What is the role of suppression lists?

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Most often, suppression lists contain unsubscribed emails, recipients who have opted out of receiving your emails. These email addresses are usually added automatically. However, customers sometimes ask to be manually removed from your mailing list.

Bounced emails

Hard bounce

When it comes to “hard bounce”, the origin is less clear. This means that the reasons are much more diverse. These may include the non-existence of the email address, a full inbox, an inactive domain or problems with the recipient’s server.

How to manage a suppression list?

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Automating the management of an email suppression list is essential for improving the deliverability of your emails. Email addresses are automatically added to this list, so they won’t receive future email campaigns. It’s this streamlined process that ensures the health of your emails without manual intervention. Not bad, eh?

Another option is to manually add emails to the suppression list. This is particularly useful, for example, when one of your users asks you to do so, or when switching between two emailing solutions.

How does it work? Import a CSV file into the suppression list of your current mailing solution. The email addresses are transferred directly and seamlessly, preserving the deliverability of your emails. Smooth transition guaranteed!

Import suppression list

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Leveraging a suppression list can considerably improve the performance of any company’s email campaigns. And managing it is essential to take control over the deliverability of your emails and the engagement of your audience.