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Stay informed on crucial events with Webhooks

Keep a watchful eye on your email delivery, customer interactions, and more thanks to Naxai’s Email Webhooks.

Understanding Email Webhooks

For modern businesses, Webhooks are an indispensable asset. Webhooks provide real-time notifications, so you can stay on top of critical email events. Whether you’re a skilled developer or a newcomer, Naxai’s Webhooks are designed to make it easy to optimize customer engagement.

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The many benefits of Email Webhooks

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Real-time notifications

Be quickly informed of crucial email events. Bounces, deliveries, opens, clicks and spam complaints. With Naxai and its Webhooks, you’ll never miss another one.

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Granular control

Customize your webhook notifications to suit your specific needs. With the ability to configure up to 50 URLs, you have total control over which events are directed to each endpoint.

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Security first

We put the security of your data first. Our email webhooks support a variety of authentication methods, including Basic Auth, OAuth2 and header keys, ensuring that your information is protected.

Why Naxai?


Proven expertise

Our experience in the customer engagement sector has made Naxai a trusted partner for companies worldwide.


Seamless integration

Our Email Webhooks integrate smoothly with your existing systems, making implementation a seamless process.


Dedicated support

Our comprehensive documentation is readily available to help developers and newcomers alike. Explore our documentation to start your journey.

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Get started

Tap into the full potential of Webhooks and build a solid customer engagement strategy with Naxai. Stay informed, stay engaged and stay ahead of the competition.