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Elevate your survey experience with Skip Logic

Make more engaging and insightful surveys with skip logic. Build a customized survey journey, as short as possible, for every person, to increase their engagement.

What is Skip Logic?

Skip Logic is the secret sauce that sets our satisfaction survey sending platform apart from the rest. It’s a game-changing feature that allows you to tailor the survey flow based on specific conditions, including contact attributes, survey data and previous answers. It ensures that each respondent’s journey is unique and relevant.

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Key benefits of Survey Logic

Reduced friction

Say goodbye to lengthy surveys! With Skip Logic, respondents only see questions that are relevant to them and to you, reducing abandonment rates.

Personalized surveys

Customize the survey experience for each respondent based on their profile, interactions, or previous survey responses.

Accurate insights

Obtain more accurate and actionable data simply by asking the right questions to the right people at the right time.

How does Skip Logic work?

Imagine having the power to ask follow-up questions only to those respondents who gave a particular score or selected specific answers. Skip Logic makes it possible. And here’s how it works.

User-friendly interface

Our platform offers an intuitive interface that lets you create logic conditions effortlessly.

preview logic interface
preview logic conditions

Choose your conditions

Select logical conditions based on contact data, survey data, interactions, survey source, or responses to the main score question.

Dynamic survey flow

Watch as the survey adapts in real-time, guiding respondents through a journey tailored to their unique circumstances.

preview logic flow

Why use our Logic feature?

When it comes to improving your survey strategy, planning your survey flow and reduce to the minimum the number of questions is key. Based on our customers feedback and needs, we created an intuitive and efficient skip logic feature for all your surveys.

Reduce the number of questions

Let your promoters quickly bypass unnecessary questions by tailoring surveys to their level of satisfaction, for a hassle-free experience.

Gather more information

Gain valuable insights from detractors by asking targeted questions that delve deeper into their feelings, to better understand their concerns.

Customize surveys smartly

Effortlessly tailor your survey questions to each customer’s profile, to gather personalized information that resonates with them as individuals.

Boost engagement with personalization

Create unique survey experiences for each customer, according to their specific needs, and improving engagement with personalized survey journey.

How to use Logic?

Our Skip Logic feature isn’t limited to a specific industry or department. It’s a versatile tool that can elevate survey experiences in every way of your work. Simply by personalizing questions based on customer profile information you already have.

example skip logic target

Ask questions to specific target

Some of your customers are VIPs or use an exclusive service. Not available to all customers. So you can ask them questions about this service that many other customers don’t have.

For example, business travelers often have access to unique services, such as the use of WiFi or the provision of a meal during the trip…. So you need to ask them what they thought of the service.

Adapt questions to experience

If you’re offering a product that only interests one segment of the population, there’s no point asking them about other products they don’t want. Thanks to logic, you can easily skip certain questions so that the survey matches the experience the customer has had.

For instance, you offer a menu with vegetarian products. After your customers’ visit, depending on the dish they ate, ask them what they thought of your vegetarian dishes, not about the quality of the meat in your restaurant, right?

example skip logic experience
example skip logic answers

Tailor questions to answers

Every customer is unique, and so is every feedback. That’s why it’s important to get as much as possible out of them, so you can improve your product or service. And to avoid frustrating the customer, and also to personalize your conversation with them, logic allows you to skip to certain questions that may not interest a customer who has had another experience.

Consider this: you’re selling an online SaaS product, and a customer gives you a low score. Depending on the customer’s answers, you can ask further questions to help you understand the score. And then learn more about what may be working less well in your service and potentially improve it. A win-win situation.

Transform your surveys

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your surveys? It’s time to harness the power of Skip Logic. Whether you want to reduce survey fatigue, improve response rates, or gather more accurate data, our platform has you covered.

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