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Take personalization
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Tailor your surveys to engage your audience effectively. Step into the power of personalization, the game-changer of your next level surveys.

What is personalization?

Imagine a survey that speaks directly to your respondents, addressing them by name, referencing their past interactions, and adapting questions based on their previous feedback. As if you knew each other personally. Like a conversation.

This level of personalization is now within your reach with Naxai’s survey personalization feature.

Preview personalization editorPreview personalization editor

How does it work?

Personalization in Naxai revolves around Liquid syntax, which allows you to replace static text with dynamic, personalized content. This means you can create surveys that feel like they were crafted just for each respondent.

Preview contact attributes

Contact attributes

These variables, identifiable by a specific syntax heading {contact.}, draw from the rich data in your People section.

The best-known example of the use of this kind of data is the use of the first or last name in the greeting sentence. But you can also use a birthday or the contact’s favorite store. You can address your respondents with information specific to them, such as, as we said, their name, location, or any other attributes you’ve collected.

Survey-related data

Recognized by the syntax heading {survey.}, these variables allow you to tap into data specific to the survey itself. This enables you to create tailored questions and content based on the survey’s context.

Let’s be concrete: you want to ask a question related to customer satisfaction. Well, with just a few clicks, you can include the respondent’s score directly in the text of your question, making your survey even more personalized.

Preview personalization survey data

Go further with Flow & Loops,
and Filters

Example personalization control loops

Control Flow & Loops

Liquid syntax also supports Skip Logic, allowing you to create branching surveys that adapt based on the respondent’s previous answers. This ensures a seamless and relevant survey experience.

Example personalization filters


Filters enable you to apply conditions to your Liquid syntax, ensuring that personalization is executed precisely as intended. You can use filters for multiple purpose like to target specific respondent groups.

More than just personalization

The distinct advantage of Liquid syntax customization over simple text customization lies in its ability to set conditions. By combining Skip Logic with personalization, you can create surveys that adapt in real-time, providing a highly personalized experience for each respondent.

Increased engagement

Talk to your respondents on a personal level – it’ll capture their attention! By personalizing your surveys, you show that you value their input. And you’ll see higher engagement rates.

Enhanced brand loyalty

Tailor your surveys to each individual to increase the sense of belonging to your brand, product or service. The result? Increased loyalty and advocacy.

More actionable information

Personalized surveys mean more accurate, more insightful answers. If your customers feel their opinion counts, they’re more likely to provide thoughtful, constructive feedback.

Unlimited power with logic

Combine personalization with logic to deliver a unique experience for every customer. The possibilities are endless and the results always powerful.

And there’s more…


Speak the same language as your customers: make your surveys in several languages. For sure, you will score big!


Personalize your customer’s journey so they go straight to the point, and they stay happy. They will surely thank you for it.


Gather and analyze your data in clear, comprehensive reports, according to respondents’ answers and whatever their journey.

Take surveys to the next level

In a world where personalization is the key to success, Naxai empowers you to create surveys that resonate with your audience. Elevate your survey experience, boost engagement, and gain deeper insights with Liquid syntax personalization.

Are you ready to see it in action?