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Unlock the world with
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Break down borders and gather opinions from all communities with multilingual surveys. Reach a global audience with easy and fast survey localization and translation.

Why multilingual surveys matter

Imagine being able to connect with respondents in their native language effortlessly. Naxai makes it possible thanks to survey translation.

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Global reach

With Naxai, more than thirty languages are just a click away. When you create a survey, you select your main language, and from there you can effortlessly localize and translate your survey content into multiple languages.

survey automatic translation

Automatic translation

Streamline your creation process with automatic survey translation. All the text fields can be automatically translated from your primary language, ensuring a consistent and efficient approach.

survey translation interface

User-friendly interface

Whether you’re in the survey editor or navigating the left-hand menu, you can access the selected languages with ease. With a single click, translate your texts automatically or, if you prefer, refine them manually.

personalization for translation

Flexible customization

Combine personalization in your surveys with localization and content translation to increase respondent engagement and obtain more actionable insights.

preview language choice

User choice

You can import the “language” variable from your contact files. Respondents can then choose their preferred language directly on the survey screen, making the experience even more user-friendly.

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Functionality for all budgets

Because we believe your communication shouldn’t have borders, we’ve decided to make the survey translation feature available in all Naxai plans and price ranges.

Whatever your budget or needs, you can benefit from the power of global communication to localize your surveys.

Real world feature 

What makes our translation function for multilingual survey stand out? Because it meets real-world needs.

Survey localization

If your survey targets respondents from several language regions, or needs to be accessible by several communities, Naxai’s survey translation and localization functionality will be your best friend.

Our multilingual surveys simplify communication with respondents. With just a few clicks, you can offer your survey in multiple languages, making sure it meets the unique needs of each region. Our approach even takes into account respondents whose language you may not be familiar with, ensuring that no one is lost in translation.

preview survey languages
preview automated survey translation

Efficiency and speed

The efficiency of our platform means you can meet the needs of an international audience quickly and easily. You just need a few clicks and 5 seconds.

With access to more than thirty languages at your fingertips, you can easily adapt your survey to the preferences of each respondent.


Multilingual surveys give respondents a sense of importance and recognition of their own identity. By speaking their language and providing survey translations, you establish a strong connection that nurtures trust and encourages honest feedback.

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Personalize your customer’s journey so they go straight to the point, and they stay happy. They will surely thank you for that.

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Speak to your customers as if you knew them all. Personaly. By doing personalized surveys, you are closer to them.

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Gather and analyze your data in clear, comprehensive reports, according to respondents’ answers and whatever their journey.

Take the leap

Don’t limit your surveys to what you know. Connect with a global audience, break down language barriers and gather invaluable information.