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5 étapes pour améliorer la satisfaction des clients

par | 9 Mai 2023

If you have arrived at this article, you probably know the importance of customer satisfaction. And if not, it’s your lucky day! Because customer satisfaction is indeed essential for your business. It can help you keep your customers, acquire new ones, and increase revenues. Quite a programme, isn’t it? But how can you improve it if it is so important? How can you increase your customer satisfaction? Let us guide you…

The key to good customer satisfaction? It’s simple: just ask your customers. You can do it through many ways but the most common and efficient is to get a useful data via surveys. So, let’s make surveys. Via e-mail, voice… And between each survey, evaluate the results and use them to set up improvement processes. Six months later, do it again. Again, and again. Because you know it’s worth it.

It is always possible to improve customer satisfaction, whether you are a novice or an experienced customer, this is why we have put together some tips to guide you in your customer satisfaction challenge and make it a success:

Easily Improve Customer Satisfaction

Collect Feedback

As soon as you have the chance, at each interaction with your customers, take the opportunity to ask them for their opinion. It can be about your products, your service, but also about an interaction, a shop or anything you want.

As we said before, the best known tool to gather feedback is surveys.

On Naxai, our online platform, you have access to a wide range of surveys to assess customer satisfaction. NPS ®, CES, CSAT … you will find what you need. Want to know more? We guide you in the choice of your surveys. 

To really improve your customer satisfaction, it is also important to listen to your customers. And not just by asking them for their opinion. Also, by being available for them, for example, through an efficient customer service. You can then offer a quality customer experience, which can only be beneficial for your customer satisfaction and your business. Especially considering that, based on research from Bain & Co, a 5% increase in customer retention leads to a 25-95% improvement in profits.

You will then have an effective combo that associates availability and quality with data metrics that you can use wisely.

Take the Ball and Run With It

If we were to give only one piece of advice, it would be to always respond to feedback. Whether it is positive or negative. A response will always be seen as an interest to the person you are talking to. This can only improve your customer satisfaction.

Even if it goes without saying, think about offering them a solution to their problem. And here you can be creative.

At last, don’t hesitate to turn your best customers into ambassadors. You can ask them reviews, take their ideas into account, offer a membership system…

Again, your creativity will help you make smart use of what you already have to keep it and make it even better.

Make their Experience Unique

You want your customers to feel good? And improve their satisfaction? Offer them personalised content. 

It is always a pleasure to receive content addressed directly to you. It reinforces the feeling of belonging and encourages you to read on. And that’s exactly what people want as 61% of people expect brands to tailor experiences based on their preferences.

Professionals agree according to Google’s research as “90% of leading marketers say personalisation significantly contributes to business profitability.” And if you offer what the customer expects, they will definitely be satisfied!

To increase your customer satisfaction, we are sure you will never again forget to personalise your communication.

Keep Repeating

To always try to do better, you have to regularly ask yourself where you stand. And asking the question once will never bring long-term benefits.

Using surveys is simple and allows you to repeat this action regularly, without difficulty. And this data can have many uses…

  • With surveys like NPS ® or CSAT, you can collect interesting data that can be transformed into KPIs. You can therefore use this data in a rational way and see if you, or your team members, are achieving your objectives. On Naxai, you have access to a clear and complete dashboard to analyse at a glance what you need.

  • The data collected from these surveys is also an excellent way to know the pain points of your services or products. Because after all, you are building a business for your customers, and it is only by having their feedback that you can improve your service and increase customer satisfaction.

  • In addition to having a better knowledge of your customers and your company, obtaining this feedback will also let you take actions and evaluate your progress in one or another project over the long term. With Naxai, you always have access to several types of reports.

Spread the Word

Customer satisfaction is everyone’s business in a company. And it is thanks to everyone’s work that you can reach the top. For example, if you get feedback about a bug about one of your products, you will contact the technical service to inform them about it and they will fix it. It makes sense.

So why not other colleagues? Show them how important customer satisfaction is. Don’t hesitate to communicate the results of the surveys to other departments in your company. Suggest improvements, have brainstorming sessions to find solutions… Anything can help. It can only make your business take off.

To make your life easier, we have designed Naxai to allow you to share the results of the surveys within your company, with your colleagues and management, in just a few clicks.

Now that you have some ideas on how to improve your customer satisfaction, you know how to reach new heights. And with Naxai, it’s as easy as pie and incredibly powerful. Contact our experts and find out what your customers think of you!

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