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Optimize your customer data management

Turn contact management into a growth driver and transform your data into tangible results with a high-performance CDP or customer data platform.

What is a CDP?

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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the foundation of any modern customer engagement strategy. With Naxai, we want to change the way you interact with your customers. How do we do this? By consolidating all relevant customer data in one place. Simple, yet terribly effective.

Why use a platform to manage
customer data?

Today, effective customer data management is the foundation of any successful engagement strategy. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is more than just a tool; it’s the business driver that transforms raw data into opportunities to interact with your customers. And that’s why you need a powerful, adaptable customer data management tool for customer engagement.

Data unification

Data comes from everywhere: online interactions, physical sales… A customer data platform or CDP consolidates this disparate data into a comprehensive, detailed view of each customer. So you can really understand their behaviors, preferences and purchase history in depth. And that’s how you can build personalized, relevant communication.

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Informed decision-making

Your CDP is the source of the data everyone needs: from marketing to sales to customer service. There’s something for everyone. And it will enable you to perform in-depth analyses to identify trends, anticipate customer needs and make decisions that make sense. And because you can access this data in real time, you remain agile and proactive in a constantly changing environment.

Better engagement

Everyone wants personalized experiences. And with a CDP, you can create precise customer segments based on behavioral, demographic and transactional data. And it’s these segments that will then fuel hyper-personalized communications. It’s the perfect way to boost customer engagement and loyalty.

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Automated communications

Managing your customer database manually? That’s no longer an option. Having an automated CDP simplifies this management and goes much further. Because it enables you to send relevant transactional emails and SMS messages, right on time. Automation frees up your team’s time, while improving responsiveness to your customers.

Increased customer confidence

Data protection is a major concern for consumers. And a CDP can help. A well-designed CDP platform guarantees the security and confidentiality of customer data. And it helps you build customer confidence and satisfaction. What’s more, by being transparent in the management of customer data, you’ll also strengthen your reputation and market positioning.

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An all-in-one platform

A CDP, or customer data platform, is your best friend for managing your contacts. Much more than a database or a tool, it enables you to collect data, use it smartly and then enrich it to go ever further in the precision of your information and automated communications.

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Data collection

Integrate your data sources to get a complete view of each customer.

Centralize and cleanse data for maximum accuracy.

Automate the feeding and updating of your database via API.

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Advanced segmentation

Create dynamic segments based on behavior, preferences and purchase history.

Automate segment updates via API.

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Personalized communications

Use data to personalize your transactional emails and SMS messages.

Offer a unique experience to every customer, whatever their interaction.

Added value you need

Your CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a lot more to you than an ordinary application – it’s the brain of your customer engagement strategy. With Naxai, access advanced features designed to turn your data into results.

Precise segmentation

Explore advanced segmentation options to target specific audiences. Refine your campaigns for maximum relevance.

Unlimited personalization

Tailor every interaction with your customers using our advanced personalization features. Create communications that captivate and convert.

Smart automation

Let Naxai handle repetitive tasks with our intelligent automation. Free up valuable time for strategic activities.

State-of-the-art security

Data security is our top priority. Naxai provides robust protection for all your customer information to assure security at all time.

What do you do with your data?

Our CDP lets you manage your customer data simply and efficiently, in one place. The ultimate tool in your automated communication strategy.

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