Simply automate your emails with email API

Manage the sending of your emails from your software, CRM, website or application with an email API. Integrate it easily and make sure your emails are sent and delivered thanks to Naxai.


Automate your email sending

With Naxai’s email API, send your automated transactional emails efficiently and worry free. Getting started is fast and efficient: connect your IT infrastructure, servers and websites directly to the Naxai API. And you’re done: with simple HTTP requests, you’re already sending and receiving emails!

Email API

Thinking of everything



Lots of email? With Naxai’s email API, don’t worry about the timing. We handle it for you.



You’re not spam. With warm-up system, make sure that you always arrive in the inbox.



Want delivered emails? So do we. And we do everything we can to make sure you do.

Quick and easy integration

Integrate and install our email API quickly

Thanks to our API, you can send emails directly from your system. Or would you prefer to send them via our web interface or secure FTP? That’s also possible via our Naxai email platform.
You can also integrate the REST API quickly and easily with various SDKs, plugins and other code, and in different languages.

Ideal for developers, our REST API has been designed to be quickly and easily integrated by professionals. And we also support all programming languages.


The features you always wanted

As a developer, you take many parameters into account. Well, we do too.

Rest API



Migration guides


System/Service availability

Quality to support your tool

Quality to support your tool

We have been email experts for over 30 years. Deliverability, throttling, warm-up, but also REST API, curl, node, PHP… we know all about it. And we won’t stop there!

Thanks to our expertise, whatever you need, we have the answers you need: support by email, phone, documentation, guides…

These little extras



With email API, create and send personalized emails with a simple or elaborate design.


Track the delivery status of your emails at a glance by setting up webhooks.



The email API is compatible and quick to implement with all types of platform.



Manage your own domain names and boost your emailing performance.



Find out detailed email usage statistics directly and easily in the interface.



No clear answer in the documentation? Our support team is there for you.

Email has a long future to come

Straight to the inbox

Take advantage of our expertise and reliable systems to get your email straight to your inbox.

Quick and easy to integrate

Email API created? And ready to use! Integrate it into your systems and send your first emails.

A service for everyone

Use one tool for the whole team, share your successes and work together to achieve your goals!

Huge time savings

Integrated into your system and easy to use, the email API is specially designed to save you time.

Guaranteed security

We are constantly improving our measures to guarantee your security and that of your systems.