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Evaluate and improve your customer’s satisfaction

Send customer satisfaction surveys to know their opinion about your services and to improve customer experience.

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Get the customer feedback you need for your brand

Retain your customers by knowing what they need thanks to satisfaction surveys. Understand them to offer a greater customer experience with your brand.


NPS ®: build customer loyalty

Collect, analyze feedback and monitor your brand reputation by sending NPS ® surveys to your customers.

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CSAT: measure customer satisfaction

Ask for feedback on your products and evaluate customers’ satisfaction with Naxai’s CSAT surveys.

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CES: identify your process complexity

With CES surveys, find out your process efficiency, improve them and offer great customer experience.

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survey feedback and analyzis

Feedback has a lot to say

Running a successful business with a positive brand image takes a lot. Like knowing what works and what does not.

Capture the voice of your customers with a customer satisfaction survey platform. Send surveys, listen to what your customers have to say and turn their feedback into powerful insights in real time. And become your customers’ favorite.

Send survey, but not only

Focus on your business development and added value tasks thanks to Naxai. Easy to use, access the platform with just a few clicks. No more complex set-up or endless configuration. A simple, but complete customer satisfaction platform.

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Reach your target

Be sure to reach your customers through their preferred channel. SMS, Voice, Email and more. Whatever it is, access it in a few clicks and send surveys to hit your audience.

survey advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Access all survey’s data in just a few clicks. Adapt the reports to your business needs and your ever-changing customer environment – you get all the information in no time.

AI feedback analysis

AI powered

Analyze sentiment from feedback thanks to artificial intelligence and understand satisfaction key metrics to turn them into valuable data for your business.

survey automation and logic

Automation & logic

Build and automate campaigns: plan, send surveys, collect customer feedback, and analyze data. You can create value and meet your objectives and customers’ expectations.

Send powerful surveys the easy way


Get your customers’ feedback by sending surveys from one and only tool.

You create all your surveys and get metrics you need: Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) or Net Promoter Score® (NPS®).

Start from scratch or choose a template. It’s up to you. And everything is done to make your job easier and efficient.

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Be sure to reach your customers. Wherever they are and at any time. No matter which channel they prefer, you can use all of them to reach your customers.

Email, SMS and Voice: with our tool, you can choose to send your surveys via a single channel or to mix several ones.

And to distribute your surveys, upload your contact list or use our API. It couldn’t be simpler.


Thanks to artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis, focus on relevant feedback with added value and discover the source of negative feedback.

Search, track, analyze… Create your own custom reports and find all the information you need in custom feedback dashboards.

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Features at a glance



Speak customers’ language. Manage your survey in multiple languages and benefit from automatic translation.


Logic & automation

Make your survey a unique path for every customer. Skip questions, adapt the question according to the answers…



Discover the power of personalization to engage your customers. Insert data, generate dynamic content, control structures…

Be sure to reach your target

Choose the best channel to send your customer surveys and to collect feedback. Our customer satisfaction survey platform offers them all: SMS, Voice, Email and more. And because we all have our preferences, choosing the right way to communicate can help you reach your customers, whatever their preferred channel.


SMS is the most powerful channel for communications. Use it to send your customer surveys with a link! Short, direct, and effective: SMS is the best choice to send your satisfaction surveys.

Interactive SMS

Build conversational surveys with 2-way SMS. You get all the advantages of SMS, with the added benefit of greater interaction and richer information.


Professional and less intrusive, email is still a valuable tool for your customer satisfaction surveys. Email lets you run your surveys smoothly and successfully.


Make your voice communication the perfect tool for your customer satisfaction surveys. More personal than a message, voice allows you to be more exhaustive in your survey.