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Reduce customer effort with CES surveys

Improve your customer’s satisfaction with Customer Effort Score survey. Build your surveys in a few clicks within Naxai, your CES survey tool.

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Make their customer experience a success

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. And to make them satisfied, there are many elements to consider. The effort that the user has to make before reaching the solution or contacting the right service is clearly one of these elements. Conducting customer effort satisfaction survey helps reduce the frustration the user might have. And of course, satisfy your clients!

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More than just a score

Measuring the effort customers have to make before reaching the end of their request or need allows the creator of the survey to get a score.

Users just want one thing: to have their problem solved, quickly and easily for them. The CES allows to quantify the difficulty experienced by users before the resolution of their issue.

Reduce customer journey obstacles

Phases of the customer journey can be long or short, depending on the industry and/or services.

However, the primary goal of users is to quickly receive the information they need. And without having to perform a lot of searching, clicking or even effort.

This is exactly what the customer effort score evaluates. Measured at key moments, it allows companies to optimize the customer journey.

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Measure Customer Effort Score easily

Create survey quickly 

From Naxai, your CES survey tool, choose from our templates or start from scratch to create your customer effort score survey.

With our survey editor you can easily design your survey using drag and drop and all

Modify all the parameters of your survey to suit your brand image.

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At the right place on the right time

Whatever the preference of your customers, you have access to all the channels to reach them.

Stay classic by sending your surveys by email. Be more direct with SMS surveys.
And add a link to follow even more information to simplify the end user experience.
Or be more original and just as effective with voice call surveys.

Within Naxai, everything is possible!

Gather and analyze data

More than a simple satisfaction survey software or CES platform, Naxai is built to help you analyze the different feedbacks collected.

Using artificial intelligence for sentiment analysis, Naxai helps you take the right steps to respond to your customers in the best way.

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All you need in one tool


Use templates to directly access a survey structure. Create your own or choose from the library, it’s up to you!


Send your CES survey in multiple languages. Choose to communicate in the language of your contacts with the language choice option.


Contact your customers via the channel they prefer. Send your survey with our CES platform through any channel(s): SMS, email, voice, link…


Add all the information you need to track about your CES surveys. Write notes, indicate treatment or contact information… imagination is the only limit.


Make your surveys more personal with a variety of customization options. Edit text, add personal information, internal data…


Make your CES platform even more powerful with an API key. The ideal tool to centralize your data and personalize your surveys.

Private domain

Use your own domain for your surveys. You ensure that your customers directly identify that the communication comes from you.

GDPR compliant

Get your CES surveys done safely with Naxai. All your surveys meet security standards and GDPR regulations.


Ensure the readability and performance of your surveys, regardless of the device used by the end user: computer, laptop, phone, tablet…


Use conditional logic to create a personalized survey path for each respondent. Simple, fast and highly effective.

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Integrate your systems

Link any type of SaaS or software into Naxai by connecting our API.

With a customer experience platform like Naxai, bring all data into your CRM, your CDP or even your financial tools to enhance your contacts data.

Send the survey you need


Evaluate customer’s loyalty with your brand or service with NPS ® surveys.

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Find out how satisfied are your customer are by sending Customer Satisfaction surveys.

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