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Be your customers’ favorite brand

Engage your customers and collect their feedback with customer satisfaction surveys sent from a dedicated CSAT platform.

customer satisfaction survey platform

Let their satisfaction be your success

Whether it’s yours or not, having the customer experience as a priority is essential for any business.

With Naxai, your CSAT platform, send surveys to find out if your customers are satisfied. From creation to analysis, it will be a few clicks that will definitely save you a lot!

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Make customer satisfaction your main priority

Thanks to Naxai CSAT platform, easily set up campaigns to collect feedback directly from your customers.

Make it after a sale, a service rendered, a technical intervention or anything interesting for you.

Send it through SMS, targeted emails or even phone calls (inbound or outbound) or even all three channels thanks to our advanced technology.

Build customer satisfaction surveys in no time

Design your survey

Create and configure your survey in minutes or build a brand new customer satisfaction survey from scratch within Naxai.

With the survey editor, design and configure your customer satisfaction survey according to your needs to perfectly suit your brand image.


Branding and personalization


Conditional logic

Custom email domain

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channels customer satisfaction survey

Choose the relevant channel

Whatever your customers prefer, you will have access to all channels to reach them.

Keep it classic by sending your surveys by email. Or be more direct with SMS surveys. And add a link to track even more information and simplify the end-user experience. Looking to be more original and just as effective? Play the talk card with voice call surveys.

Within Naxai anything is possible!

SMS, Email, Voice (outbound & inbound)

Contact segmentation

Bulk sending

Delay sending

Collect and analyze data

More than a simple satisfaction survey software or CSAT platform, Naxai is built to help you analyze all your collected feedback.

Using artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis, Naxai helps you take the right steps to answer your customers in the best way.

AI-powered sentiment analysis


Advanced reports

preview customer satisfaction survey analysis and reports

Everything in one tool


Create your own survey templates or select one from the CSAT platform library. You will then have access to various customizable surveys.


Annotate the results of your CSAT surveys and follow up with each customer! Take notes in the CSAT platform, add information and more.

Private domain

Make yourself known directly to your customers! By using your own domain to send your surveys, communication will be clear.


Become the king of personalization: offer a unique and effective survey path for each respondent. And in just a few clicks.


Speak the same language as your customers. Automatically create surveys in multiple languages to reach your customers directly.


Personalize your surveys to make them more individual and personal. Add personal information, contact details, modify the text…


Ensure readability and comfort for your customers with surveys that are 100% responsive and have smooth performance.


SMS, email, voice, link… use your customers’ preferred channel to collect their opinions. With our CSAT platform, choose what you need.


Transform your CSAT platform with an API key. Centralize your data, customize your surveys… everything is possible with an API!

GDPR compliant

Trust Naxai to keep your data and your customers’ data safe with its compliance to GDPR and all security standards.

csat platform integrations

Integrate your systems

Link any type of SaaS or software into Naxai by connecting our API.

With a customer experience platform like Naxai, bring all data into your CRM, your CDP or even your financial tools to enhance your contacts data.

Send the survey you need


Evaluate customer’s loyalty with
your brand or service by sending NPS ® survey

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Measure the easiness of
your processes thanks to CES surveys.

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