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Net Promotor Score Calculator Online

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What Is A Good Net Promoter Score ® And How To Use It?

All about NPS ®

NPS ®, or Net Promoter Score ®, is a well-known metric for measuring customer loyalty. How does it work? With a question that evaluates the probability of recommending your brand or company to friends and family.

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Find out what Net Promoter Score ® is and how to use it here.

How to calculate your NPS ®?

Even if our online NPS ® calculator has done it for you,
let’s go through the steps you need to know your Net Promoter Score ®.

Responses collected

First of all, gather all the answers you received to the question ” How likely would you be to recommend … to a friend or colleague?”. Identify the scores obtained and categorize them:


Score 9 or 10: your promoters. In other words: your fans. They won’t miss a chance to talk about you (and that’s a good thing).


Score 7 or 8: your passives. Basically, they’re happy with you, but open to other possibilities.


Score between 0 and 6: your detractors. They are clearly not happy. And, unfortunately, they probably want to share their bad experience with others.

Responses collected
NPS ® = % of promoters - % of detractors

Calculate NPS ®

NPS ® = % of promoters – % of detractors

To do this, you first need to determine the percentages of promoters and detractors. And you can calculate them using the formula below:


% promoters = number of promoters / number of participants * 100


% detractors = number of detractors / number of participants * 100

You got it?

Then subtract the 2 results and that’s it, you have calculated your NPS ®!

Why calculate your NPS ®?

Let our NPS ® calculator help you, but you should know
why you should use it in the first place.

Large-scale evaluation

Quickly question a large number of your customers with a single question.

Information gathering

Collect valuable data on your customers and their impressions in real time.


Ease of use

No need for complex analysis and knowledge to calculate your NPS ®.

Tracking over time

Track and understand the evolution of your score so you can take action.

Universal language

Differentiate your customers simply and share information with everyone.

Standard metric

Evaluate your position in your sector and find out how loyal your customers are.

Growth driver

Focus efforts on your customer service and increase sales.

Less customer churn

Invest in improving your weak points for a better customer experience.