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Engage your customers with online survey

Find out what your customers think with an online survey and boost your business and results in just a few clicks.

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Why an online survey?

Simple and effective, an online survey lets you interact with your customers and obtain valuable information about their experience. It’s definitely worth it!

In-depth customer understanding

Online survey is not just about collecting data. It’s also about gaining a detailed insight into your customers’ needs, expectations and preferences. Immerse yourself in the minds of your audience and make the right decisions for your business.

Continuous product or service improvement

React quickly to feedback and increase the success of your business. Identify your strengths and weaknesses to continually improve your products and services. Because engaged customers are satisfied customers!

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Strengthen your brand image

With an online survey, you show your customers that their opinion counts. And it’s definitely a good idea! Satisfaction surveys are a real opportunity to build trust and brand loyalty. Use Naxai to create memorable experiences.

Proof by example

Why do online surveys, you may ask? Whatever your sector, there are 3 good reasons:


Boost your webshop by understanding what customers prefer, improving the user experience and optimizing your product offerings based on feedback.

Measure customer satisfaction after purchase

Identify favorite products

Personalize the shopping experience according to individual preferences

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Gather customer feedback on in-store experience, products and services. Identify what you can improve and create a strong bond with your customers.

Gather feedback on in-store experience

Better manage your product stock according to demand

Build customer loyalty by meeting their expectations

Insurance & banking

Understand your customers’ needs, streamline processes and build a strong relationship of trust with your customers by demonstrating your commitment to them.

Evaluate the usability of your services

Identify areas of risk and take preventive action

Tailor offers to specific needs

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Human resources

Optimize employee engagement with relevant surveys. Identify areas for improvement, measure employee motivation and create a positive work environment.

Measure employee satisfaction

Identify areas for training

Foster a positive and productive work environment

Service sector

With an online survey, you can monitor the quality of the services you offer, respond quickly to concerns and build a loyal customer base.

Gather customer opinion on service quality

Spot opportunities for process improvement

Create lasting relationships by responding to specific needs

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Naxai, your survey platform

When it comes to improving your survey strategy, planning your survey flow and reduce to the minimum the number of questions is key. Based on our customers feedback and needs, we created an intuitive and efficient skip logic feature for all your surveys.

Powerful analysis

Easily manage your survey data with comprehensive, customized reports.

Ease of use

Our user-friendly interface is accessible to developers and novices alike.

Advanced customization

Tailor surveys to your specific needs with enhanced features.

Strong features

Use features to ensure you get in-depth results and insights fast.

Omnichannel distribution

Choose the channel(s) to send your surveys and get answers.

Multilingual surveys

Make sure you’re understood by creating surveys in multiple languages.

Explore Naxai


Measure your customers’ brand loyalty with a single question.

Multilingual surveys

Make surveys your customers’ own by speaking their language.

Survey customization

Use all you know about your customers to offer a unique experience.

Take control of your success

Want to get your business off the ground? Join the ranks of Naxai users and make sure every voice counts in the development of your business with online survey.