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transactional email

What is transactional email?

Transactional emails

Where action meets communication

Transactional emails are the underrated champions of customer engagement. These are the automated messages that appear seamlessly in your inbox in response to your actions or events. These emails aren’t just informative; they’re your trusted partners in delivering a seamless user experience. Think of them as the key to keeping your customers informed, satisfied and engaged.

Why use transactional email?

Transactional emails aren’t just messages; they are essential tools for building trust, ensuring timely communication, and delivering a seamless user experience. They are often personalized and contain specific information relating to the recipient’s interaction with the system or application. Moreover, transactional emails are usually sent in real or near-real time to ensure timely communication. The perfect tool for your customers and your business. To get to know what happens and become more and more effective.

Account creation

When a customer opens a new account on a website or application, this user may receive a transactional email confirming registration and providing login information.

Excellent deliverability: Ensure your account creation confirmations reach your users’ inboxes promptly and reliably.

Open and link tracking: Monitor engagement with your account confirmation emails to optimize your user onboarding process.

Activity logs: Gain valuable insights into user sign-up patterns and behaviors.

account creation email
order transactional email

Order confirmation

After making an online purchase, customers receive a transactional email confirming the details of their order, including items purchased, prices and delivery information.

Fast deliverability: Confirm orders swiftly and efficiently, ensuring your customers are in the loop.

Open and link tracking: Track order confirmation email engagement to gauge customer interest and preferences.

Suppression list: Keep your customer database clean and up-to-date by managing order confirmation recipients effectively.

Password reset

When a user requests a password reset, they receive a transactional email containing a link that enables them to reset their password securely.

Excellent deliverability: Guarantee secure and prompt delivery of password reset links.

Open and link tracking: Monitor user interactions with password reset emails for enhanced security.

Webhooks: Seamlessly integrate password reset functionality with your application or website.

password reset
shipping notification email

Shipping notifications

E-commerce sites send transactional emails to inform customers of the status of their orders, including shipping updates and tracking information.

Fast deliverability: Keep customers informed about the status of their orders with real-time shipping notifications.

Open and link tracking: Track email engagement to optimize your shipping updates for maximum impact.

Activity logs: Monitor customer responses and behaviors to refine your shipping communication strategy.

Receipts and invoices

Companies send transactional emails containing receipts or invoices to confirm payment and provide transaction details.

Excellent deliverability: Ensure your financial documents reach your customers’ inboxes without delay.

Open and link tracking: Analyze receipt and invoice email engagement to refine your financial communication.

Webhooks: Seamlessly integrate Naxai with your payment systems for secure and efficient transactions.

payment transactional email
account details email

Account alerts

Banks and financial institutions send transactional emails to inform customers of account activity, such as withdrawals, deposits or changes to account settings.

Excellent deliverability: Trust Naxai to deliver crucial account alerts promptly and securely.

Open and link tracking: Gain insights into customer responses to account activity alerts for improved engagement.

Webhooks: Seamlessly integrate account alerts with your banking or financial systems for real-time updates.

Appointment reminders

Health care providers, hair salons and other service businesses send transactional emails to remind customers of upcoming appointments or reservations.

Fast deliverability: Ensure your appointment reminders reach your customers well ahead of their scheduled times.

Open and link tracking: Monitor appointment reminder email engagement to optimize your scheduling process.

Suppression list: Manage appointment reminder recipients efficiently to minimize scheduling errors.

appointment reminder email
Subscription email

Subscription confirmations

After subscribing to a newsletter, service or mailing list, users may receive a transactional email to confirm their subscription.

Excellent deliverability: Guarantee the delivery of subscription confirmations to new subscribers.

Open and link tracking: Track subscription confirmation email engagement to fine-tune your content strategy.

Suppression list: Keep your mailing list clean and organized by efficiently managing subscription confirmations.

Transactional VS Marketing

Let’s demystify the world of transactional emails and marketing emails. While both may be emails, they serve entirely different purposes. In a nutshell, transactional emails are your dependable allies, ensuring your business operates like a well-oiled machine, while marketing emails are your charismatic performers, persuading your audience to take action.

purpose transactional email


Transactional emails
These emails are the very essence of functionality. Triggered by user actions, they deliver essential information – order confirmations, receipts, account updates or appointment reminders – with precision.

Marketing emails
They are designed to captivate and persuade. They promote products, services, offers and content to a wider audience, with the aim of increasing conversions and sales.


Transactional emails
Concise and personalized, these emails focus exclusively on the specific action that motivated them, ensuring that your customers receive exactly what they need.

Marketing emails
They are full of promotional content – product descriptions, offers, discounts and compelling CTAs – the aim of these emails? To incite immediate action.

content transactional email
expectations transactional email

Recipient expectations

Transactional emails
Not only do customers expect them, they rely on them for essential information and appreciate their punctuality.

Marketing emails
If they only go to subscribers who have signed up voluntarily, they may not be welcomed by everyone. Preference management is crucial to avoid the terrible spam folder.


Transactional emails
As your real-time companions, these emails arrive quickly, ensuring that your customers receive sensitive information when it matters most.

Marketing emails
These are the stars of scheduled campaigns, sent at precisely the right time to engage your audience effectively.

timing transactional email
compliance email


Transactional emails
These are often subject to different rules, as some regulations exempt them from the opt-in requirement due to their indispensable nature.

Marketing emails
Strict compliance is the norm. Regulations require recipient consent and clear unsubscribe options. There’s no arguing about it, end of story.

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