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Revamp customer engagement with Voice API

Transform your interactions and engage your customers with the power of voice and the simplicity of the API.

What is a Voice API?

In a nutshell, with a voice API, you can create, manage and control voice calls in an automated way. Technically speaking, a voice API (Application Programming Interface) enables developers to integrate voice communication functionalities into their applications, websites and services. For you, this means direct access to all Voice API functionalities from your own tools, without any external interface. An efficient, robust solution for automated customer services, assistance systems…

Integrate and use. That’s it.

Integrate our Voice API into your existing systems and workflows in no time at all. Our API is designed for seamless integration, whether you’re using CRM software, an e-commerce platform or custom applications. As a result, you can automate voice campaigns, trigger voice messages based on user behavior, and track results instantly.

Voice API documentation for developers

Whatever your needs, and whether you’re a start-up or a large enterprise, we have an experienced support team always available by email and phone. Their goal? To provide you with an exceptional experience.

We provide up-to-date, detailed API documentation to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful integration with Naxai. As an added bonus, our API Explorer lets you test API calls on your account and receive concrete data.

How does it work?

Imagine being able to turn every customer interaction into a smooth, efficient and engaging experience. That’s exactly what Naxai’s Voice API does for your business.

Seamless integration

Our Voice API integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and platforms. And with comprehensive documentation and user-friendly guides, you can get up and running quickly.


Naxai’s Voice API integrates effortlessly with your existing systems. And with our step-by-step documentation, you can get started quickly and easily.


Our dedicated support team is ready to help you throughout the integration process. Our aim: the greatest ease of use and the best experience.

Intuitive API calls & custom solutions

Use our Voice API to make and manage calls. And adapt it to your specific needs.

Tailored to your needs

Customize call flows to meet your specific needs. Want to route calls to the right department and the right person? Or run call campaigns? Whatever your objective, you’re in complete control.

Scalable architecture

As your business grows, so do your communications capabilities. Naxai’s Voice API adapts seamlessly to increased call volumes, without compromising campaign performance.

Enhanced user experience

Conversations like real ones

Create lifelike messages with advanced features (Text-to-speech) and offer a pleasant interaction to your interlocutors, whatever your message.

Efficient call handling

Automatically direct calls to the right department or contact based on information provided by the customer. The result: shorter waiting times and faster problem resolution.

Benefits you need

1. Greater customer satisfaction

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24/7 availability

With a voice API, you can offer your customers unlimited availability. Their customers can reach them anytime, anywhere. With an automated system, you ensure that no call goes unanswered, and deliver a consistent, reliable customer service experience.

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Personal touch

Personalize interactions with customer data, so that every conversation is meaningful and relevant. The detail that strengthens customer relationships and builds loyalty.

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Efficient handling

Direct calls to the right department or contact person to reduce waiting times and improve resolution rates.

2. Cost-effective communication

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Automate routine tasks

Free your team from handling repetitive requests. Automated voice responses handle recurring questions. As a result, your team can focus on more complex problems requiring human contact.

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Easily increase or reduce your communication capacity to meet demand. Reduce the costs associated with traditional call centers and minimize human resource requirements, while maintaining high-quality service.

3. Greater productivity and knowledge

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Streamlined processes

Use automation to improve processes and make them more efficient, and give your teams more time for value-added tasks.

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Real-time analytics

Access detailed call metrics and customer interaction data to understand customer behavior, identify trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your services.

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Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate your existing systems with the Voice API for a seamless workflow.

Data to drive your business

When it comes to making informed communication decisions, data is key. Access comprehensive analysis and reporting tools with our Voice API. Use this valuable information to fine-tune your strategies and aim for increasingly effective voice campaigns.

Useful features


Receive real-time notifications when a call is completed, when there are multiple call attempts or a transfer to an operator…

Text to speech

Manage the content of your call with Text to Speech (in French, Dutch, English, German…) and configure transfers to the call center so that agents receive a message before being connected to the contact.


Define an idempotence key for your contacts’ numbers to avoid problems and duplicate calls.


Schedule your calls and make them according to a calendar of days and hours.

Voice API in action


    Order tracking

     Need to check the status of an order? Improve your customers’ shopping experience by using voice commands.

      Customer care

      With automated voice systems, classic and routine requests can be handled, while leaving your agents free… to deal with more complex questions.


      Inventory management

      Manage your inventory and schedule a voice call, for example, when your stock quantity decreases, so you can place a new order at the right time.


        Claims processing

        Automate the claims handling process with automated voice calls. Faster and more satisfying!


        Account management

        Make voice your customers’ best assistant for checking account balances, transferring money and performing other banking operations.

        Fraud detection

        Implement voice biometrics to enhance security and detect fraudulent activity.

        Human resources


        Automate the initial selection of candidates with automated voice interactions: time and cost savings guaranteed.

        Employee support

        Offer an automated information service to your employees for HR-related requests: leave requests, benefits, etc.


          Appointment scheduling

          Make, reschedule or cancel appointments directly by phone, automatically? More convenient and highly efficient!

          Collect feedback

          Use automated voice surveys to collect customer feedback and improve service quality.

          Naxai’s voice API – why?

          With Naxai, you choose reliability, flexibility and support that listens to you.


          Built on a robust infrastructure, our Voice API guarantees high availability and reliability.


          Whether you’re a start-up or a multinational corporation, our Voice API adapts to your needs and provides you with a tailor-made communications solution.


          Our support team is always ready to help. The guarantee of successful integration and operation.


          We’ve put together comprehensive documentation designed for developers and non-developers alike. To make sure everything runs smoothly, every time.


          From call recording to speech recognition, our API offers advanced features to meet your specific needs.

          Transform your interactions with voice

          Discover the power of our Voice API. Book a demo now or contact us to launch your business into a new dimension of communication.