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Improve your interactions with Voice Broadcast

Use voice and automate your communication campaigns to continuously upgrade your customer interactions.

What is Voice Broadcast?

Voice Broadcast is a powerful technology that lets you send voice messages, possibly (pre)recorded, to a large number of recipients at the same time. This feature is ideal for announcements, reminders, promotions, automated communications, emergency notifications and more. And with Naxai, you can easily launch and manage voicemail campaigns, confident that your message will reach your audience effectively.


Launch your campaigns simply,
without forgetting anything

Running a voice message campaign with Naxai’s Voice Broadcast is designed to be simple, fast and effective. The proof:

Create and configure your campaign

To create a campaign, start by giving it a name and description for easy identification. Select the call number and personalize the caller ID that will appear with your recipients, such as your company number to increase response rates. Choose the recipients by segmenting your audience, plan the date and time of the campaign launch, configure callback attempts in the event of no response, and determine the actions to be taken after the call, such as sending an SMS or updating the contact.

Automated voice message configuration

Use Naxai’s integrated voice tool to create messages directly from your browser, guaranteeing better quality. Download pre-recorded audio files in MP3 or WAV format if you have them. Use the advanced text-to-speech feature to quickly generate messages from text. Customize your voice messages with Liquid syntax for a more authentic experience for recipients.

Launch and monitoring

Pre-listen and test your message before launch to ensure it runs smoothly. Launch your voice campaign when ready. Use the real-time analytics dashboard to track campaign performance, including call success rates and engagement levels. After the campaign, analyze detailed reports to gain insights and improve future campaigns.


Benefit at every turn

Automated call campaigns are ideal for businesses in all sectors. And here’s why:

Wide reach

With voice, you’re instantly in touch with thousands of recipients. Enough to get your message heard loud and clear!

High engagement rate

It’s proven that voice messages are more personal and therefore more engaging than text messages like SMS or email.

Highly effective

Automate your voice campaigns! You’ll save time and resources. Automation is the secret of productivity.

Immediate impact

Whether or not you schedule your communications with Voice Broadcast, you can send urgent messages quickly.

High flexibility

Use automated voice messages for all kinds of campaigns: marketing, customer service, internal communications…

Voice broadcast for all your needs

Everyone can benefit from using voice technology. Sending automated voice messages can help you improve your operations and customer engagement simply and, above all, effectively.

E-commerce and retail

    News and information

    Set up in-house voice campaigns to notify your stores and issue product reminders automatically and efficiently.

      Sales and promotions

      Notify your customers of special promotions or new product launches.

      Order confirmations and updates

      Keep your customers up to date on the status of their order, from confirmation to delivery.


        Appointment reminders

        Call your contacts to remind them of their appointments. Plan the calls and make sure to reduce no-shows and ensure the efficiency of your services.

          Human Resources

          Employee communications

          Send employees and collaborators important announcements, policy changes or even reminders of upcoming events by voice.



            Send out voice messages inviting your customers to take their meter readings, and offer them several options in an interactive voice menu: doing it themselves or getting in touch with a call center agent, for example.

              Automotive, insurance, banking

              Warranty or policy status

              Are your customers nearing the end of their warranty, contract or policy? Automate a voice call with Voice broadcast to give them instructions for what to do next: an appointment for a renewal, a check-up of their car while it’s still under warranty…


                  The final touch to your voice campaigns

                  Our Voice Broadcast is packed with advanced features designed to enhance your communication strategy and boost the performance of your campaigns.

                  Text to speech

                  Create dynamic content

                  Use Text to Speech technology to create voice messages in multiple languages, as well as to send notifications to agents before they are put through to contacts.

                  Retries and delays

                  Improve message delivery

                  Set up to 3 callback attempts to increase the chances of your message being received. Define the delay between each reminder attempt according to your preferences, so as not to overwhelm your recipients.

                  Call distribution

                  Optimize your call center operations

                  Define the number of calls made per minute in real time to ensure that your call center agents are not overwhelmed. Ideal for guaranteeing quality service and optimizing the use of your resources.


                  Organize your calls strategically

                  Schedule your voice broadcast campaigns according to a calendar of precise days and times. This enables you to make your calls at the most appropriate times for your audience, and increase response rates.

                  Pause and resume

                  Stay flexible

                  An unforeseen event or need for adjustment? You can pause and resume your automated voice messages campaigns at any time. Keep total control over the delivery of your messages and guarantee smooth, efficient communication.


                  Engage your contacts

                  Personalize messages with dynamic content such as the recipient’s name or specific details. This improves the relationship with the contact, the effectiveness and the engagement rate of your campaign.


                  Stay in the loop

                  Receive automatic notifications of your campaigns in real time. Whatever the information, you can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and tailor them to live performance metrics.

                  VOICE BROADCAST BY NAXAI

                  Why choose Naxai for your voice campaigns?

                  Naxai’s Voice broadcast tool is designed to meet your needs, offering seamless integration, user-friendly interfaces and advanced functionality.

                  Effortless campaign creation

                  Our intuitive platform lets you set up and launch simple, effective automated voice message campaigns.

                  Detailed analysis

                  Monitor campaign performance in real time and access detailed reports to fine-tune your strategy.

                  Personalization options

                  Customize messages and optimize your campaigns to improve customer engagement and response rates.


                  Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, whatever your needs, Naxai adapts to you.

                  Make your automated voice campaigns now!

                  Voice campaigns with Naxai Voice Broadcast can really boost your communication strategy. Test automated voice messages and harness their full power to engage, inform and delight your audience!