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Call Center Satisfaction Survey

Unleash the full potential of your call center

Increase customer satisfaction and revenues by sending customer satisfaction surveys for your call center.

Surveys for E-Commerce

 Great service for great results

Did you know that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer service? With Naxai, you can improve your customer satisfaction levels and increase your revenue. Our SaaS customer satisfaction survey product is designed specifically for contact centers, providing you with the insights you need to make data-driven decisions and improve your customer experience.

Survey for call center

Improved customer satisfaction

Our surveys have been shown to improve customer satisfaction levels by up to 30%. By identifying customer pain points and addressing them quickly, you can create a better overall customer experience.

Increased revenue

By improving customer satisfaction levels, you can increase your revenue by up to 25%. Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend your business to others.

Increase your revenue with survey
Customer service

Reduced Churn

Our surveys can help you identify and address issues that lead to customer churn, reducing it by up to 20%. By proactively addressing customer issues, you can improve your customer retention rates and reduce the number of customers who leave your business.

You are close to the top

Get the chance to improve the level of customer satisfaction with your call center and service and increase your revenue. Book a demo today and see how Naxai can help you unlock the full potential of your contact center.

Your call center, your surveys

Don’t miss another opportunity to evaluate the quality of your service and your teams. One interaction, one survey. One survey, multiple communication channels and lots of data.


Take advantage of the power and ease of SMS to send out your satisfaction surveys.


In-call or post-call surveys, set up your voice surveys the way you want.


Classic and always effective, conduct your contact center surveys by email.

Your surveys, made simple

Create your surveys

1. Create

We have all kinds of surveys. Choose which one suits your needs and customize them: NPS ®, CSAT or CES.

Send your surveys

2. Send

In just a few clicks, send your surveys. SMS, voice, email or a mix… everything you need for powerful, effective surveys.


3. Analyze

Keep an eye on all your data: graphs, content, analysis… And take advantage of advanced sentiment analysis of AI.

Connect your favourite Customer Service tools

Connect with your favorite tools on Naxai

Link all your favorite software and tools to Naxai through an API.

Simple and efficient, your work will be facilitated and especially improved thanks to automation. Do not hesitate anymore!

Everything you need

You can customize your surveys to suit the specific needs of your call center. With real-time reporting, you have instant access to your survey results, and can track your progress over time. Naxai also integrates with your existing software for seamless integration, and you can set up follow-up actions to address issues identified during the survey.



Use templates to directly access a defined survey structure. Create your own or choose one from the library, it’s up to you!


Contact your customers via their preferred channel. Send your surveys with our survey platform through the channel(s) that suit your contacts: SMS, email, voice, link…

Private domain

Use your own domain for surveys. You ensure that customers directly identify that the communication comes from you.


Send surveys in many languages. Choose to communicate in the language of your contacts with the language choice option.


Add all the information you need to track about your surveys. Write notes, indicate treatment or contact information… imagination is the only limit.


Be sure that your site will be displayed and will perform well, whatever the device used: smartphone, tablet, computer…


Make your survey platform more powerful with an API key. The ideal tool to centralize your data and personalize your surveys.


Make your surveys more personal with a wide variety of customization options and tools. Easily edit text, insert personal contact information, add internal data…

GDPR compliance

Ensure data security (yours and your customers’) with surveys that comply with GDPR regulations and security standards.