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E-commerce Survey

Improve customer experience in

Ask your customers for feedback and analyze survey results to guide your sales (online and in-store) over the long term

e commerce survey

 Boost your e-commerce revenues
with feedback

Customer feedback is worth its weight in gold, also for your business. With NPS ® and CSAT surveys for your e-commerce, you can collect reviews and turn them into revenue, thanks to Naxai.

e commerce survey for better experience

Enhance the online experience

Find out about your users’ difficulties on your site. Solve them and simplify your customers’ shopping experience.

Keep your product up to date

Stay on top of your customers’ disappointments and expectations about your products. It is the best way to align with your customers and satisfy them.

e commerce survey for product
e commerce survey flow customer service

Improve your customer service

Knowing your customers’ opinions on a continuous basis ensures that you can easily adapt your customer service.

Multiply your revenues

Taking your customers opinions into account puts them at the center of your business. Nothing better to make them happy and turn them into ambassadors.

e commerce survey for revenues

An e-commerce survey in a few clicks

Create the survey you need

On our platform, you can choose survey templates, depending on what you are looking for:

  • NPS ® to determine the strength of your brand and the loyalty of your customers
  • CSAT to determine if your product and services are satisfying your customers
  • CES to evaluate the fluidity of your processes, online, by phone or in store

Then, with just a few clicks, customize your choice, add your logo, translate your survey into multiple languages… It’s all about getting answers.

design your e commerce survey
send your communication

Send your surveys 

Let’s start sending your surveys. 

With just a few clicks, choose the channels that suit your customers: SMS, voice, email… they are all on Naxai. Send a survey via one channel or several? Everything is possible. 

Analyze the results 

Find all the information you need in one place, directly on our platform. Graphs, content, analysis… 

Create your own personalized reports, evaluate the evolution of your scores, group customer comments by theme, use artificial intelligence to easily identify positive or negative feedback… 


e commerce survey reporting

Everything you need



Use templates to directly access a defined survey structure. Create your own or choose one from the library, it’s up to you!


Send your surveys in multiple languages. Choose to communicate in the language of your contacts with the language choice option.


Make your survey platform even more powerful with an API key. The ideal tool to centralize your data and personalize your surveys.


Contact your customers via their preferred channel. Send your surveys with our survey platform through the channel(s) that suit your contacts: SMS, email, voice, link…


Add all the information you need to track about your surveys. Write notes, indicate treatment or contact information… imagination is the only limit.


Make your surveys more personal with a wide variety of customization options and tools. Easily edit text, insert personal contact information, add internal data…

Private domain

Use your own domain for your surveys. You ensure that your customers directly identify that the communication comes from you.


Be sure that your site will be displayed and will perform well, whatever the device used: smartphone, tablet, computer…

GDPR compliance

Ensure data security (yours and your customers’) with surveys that comply with GDPR regulations and security standards.

integrate your systems

Connect with the best
e-commerce platforms

Send survey data directly to your e-commerce platform and other tools you use. Naxai connects through Zapier with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Webflow, Wix, PrestaShop, or BigCommerce.