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Satisfaction survey for HR agency

Offer talents and clients an incredible experience

Engage with your talents throughout their career with HR agency surveys. To make sure the right person is always in the right place.

Surveys for Human Resources

Your talent? Finding the best ones.

From recruitment to assessment to job changes, you are responsible for your talents. They are all at different stages of their careers, and you need to be able to manage them all. With HR agency satisfaction survey, discover your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve and attract the right candidates and move them up their careers. And all without wasting time.


Become a reference when it comes to recruiting talents, with feedback from HR satisfaction surveys on your services and candidates.


Discover what sets you apart and what enables you to offer a unique experience to your customers and candidates.


Analyze what’s important to candidates to ensure they are engaged in their role, from day one.

Which surveys should an HR agency use?

Ask your candidates and customers about their state of mind, evaluate the efficiency of your processes and the satisfaction of each with HR satisfaction survey.

Match satisfaction

Agency reputation

Service quality

Opinion on processes

Agent professionalism

Feedback on integration

Don’t waste time

Create your surveys

1. Create

Build your surveys from scratch or use templates – it’s up to you. NPS®, CSAT or CES, choose what you need!

Send your surveys

2. Send

Send your surveys to the right recipients, via their preferred channel, in just a few clicks. Simple and effective.

Analyze survey data

Custom reporting

Visualize results in your dashboard and reports. And explore feedback with artificial intelligence sentiment analysis.

Why surveys can help HR?


Conduct automated satisfaction surveys to save your agents time.


Use a single tool to centralize candidate feedback and data through an API.


Offer top service to candidates and customers to ensure satisfaction and loyalty.

The right survey for the right need

Net Promoter Score ®

Measure your candidates’ and customers’ loyalty to your agency. 1 question, 1 score and lots of possibilities to become the recruitment reference.

CSAT for human resources

Customer Satisfaction

Assess your customers’ and candidates’ satisfaction with your service, your agents, your matches and everything else that matters to your business.

Customer Effort Score

Find out how effective your recruitment, placement and contact processes are… ask your customers and candidates to deliver a better experience.