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Offer the best service

Give your customers quality support to improve their experience and concrete information to your teams to help them.

Offer the best service

Exceptional customer service is possible

96% of customers say that customer service is a key factor in their loyalty to a brand. So leave them with a good impression! Do you want to meet your customers’ needs? And have a motivated and efficient team? Collecting feedback with customer service surveys is an excellent tool to do so!

A customized service

Quality service is more than just answering questions and providing a solution. It’s about knowing exactly what customers need to match the service to what they want. The best way to find out? Ask them with customer service survey!

An efficient team

Make the most of the feedback you have. It’s data that gives you information to better support your customers. Analyze it, comment on it and share it! These are valuable tools for each member of your team.

A good revenue

Rely on good customer service for a thriving business! Because bad service drives customers away. And if they leave, they won’t spend with you again… So ask them what they think of you! That’s the best way to meet their needs and keep them.

Why customer service survey

Higher revenues and profits

With better customer service, you’ll keep your customers, lose fewer of them and they’ll spend more. All in all, a win-win.

Enhanced brand image

Asking your customers what they think is the best way to show that you care about them and that they are important.

Better products and services

Gather information to better understand customer needs and improve the quality of your products and services.

Increased productivity

Automate surveys to let your agents focus on higher value-added tasks. More interest and motivation, the best for your team.

One tool, many applications

Create surveys easily with Naxai. It’s the secret to great customer service. Your customers will thank you.


Clearly measure your customers’ satisfaction and implement effective strategies to boost your sales and revenues.

Customer experience

Analyze your customers’ journey and performance to improve their experience and your teams’ results.


Ask your customers what they think and analyze the results to continuously improve your customer service.


Keep a close eye on trends and customer feedback to meet and exceed their expectations.

Brand image

Find out how many customers would recommend your company to their friends and boost your brand image.


Build a relationship with your customers and ask them what they think to show them that they matter to you.

What do you need?

To provide quality service, you need to know if it is appropriate for your customers’ needs. Choose the type of survey you need to improve your customer service.


Want to know your brand awareness and customer loyalty? Conduct NPS ® surveys!

    • Interact with your customers through surveys, to know what makes them happy
    • Recruit promoters and turn them into ambassadors of your service
NPS for Digital Marketing Manager
CSAT for customer service managers


Find out if your service is matching customers’ expectations and how to do better with CSAT surveys.

    • Measure customer satisfaction on an interaction
    • Evaluate the sentiment following a recent experience


With the CES, assess whether your processes are smooth and your customer service is easy to use.

  • • Determine if there is information missing to improve processes
  • • Identify problematic elements of the customer journey


Your customer service.
Your platform.

Your goal: to provide help and support to your customers. And it’s not that simple. But by asking your customers what they think of you, what they need, and what makes them happy, you can give them exceptional service. Naxai is the platform to send customer service survey in a few clicks:

Create your surveys

1. Create

Start from scratch or use a template? Anything is possible! Choose the type of customer service survey you want to do, in which language(s) you want to communicate, the design of your questionnaire… everything is there to make the survey you need.

Send your surveys

2. Send

What is your customers’ preferred channel? Is there one or more? Determine how you want to send your surveys simply because with Naxai, you can do it all: SMS, voice, email… Select a single channel or mix them, it’s up to you.

Analyze survey data

3. Analyze

Start from scratch or use a template? Anything is possible! Choose the type of customer service survey you want to do, in which language(s) you want to communicate, the design of your questionnaire… everything is there to make the survey you need.

Connect your favourite Customer Service tools

Your favorite tools are also on Naxai

Connect your favorite software and tools to Naxai through an API.

Simple and efficient, your work will be facilitated and especially improved thanks to automation. Do not hesitate any more!

Everything you need


Add all the information you need to track about your surveys. Write notes, indicate treatment or contact information… imagination is the only limit.


Send your surveys in multiple languages. Choose to communicate in the language of your contacts with the language choice option.


Make your surveys more personal with a variety of customization options. Edit text, add personal information or internal data, offer multilingual surveys…

Send the survey you need


Evaluate your customer’s loyalty with your brand or service by sending NPS ® survey

preview NPS survey


Measure the difficulty of finalising a process thanks to Customer Effort Score surveys.

preview CES survey


Find out how satisfied your customers are by sending Customer Satisfaction surveys.

preview CSAT survey