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Marketing Survey

Listen to your customers and empower your marketing

Get your brand off the ground and make your campaigns successful. Generate leads, improve brand image, enhance customer experience… you can do it all by collecting the right data from your customers with marketing surveys.

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Focus on what they really want

The foundation of any good marketing strategy, no matter what the goal, is to know who you’re talking to. And all research will never be as effective as going directly to your target. So send a marketing survey!

Build a solid strategy

Lay a solid foundation for your strategy by getting your information from where it is. Ask your targets what they want, what they think, what they need. They know everything. And that will be useful to you.

Collect more than reviews

Are you creating a product? You organize events? Are you the master of data? Then you know: a comment, a review, a response… this is invaluable data. With it, you won’t miss your target anymore.

Adapt for better results

Ask your target regularly to adapt your strategy and enrich your data. That’s how you’ll be able to strengthen your brand, create powerful campaigns, organize successful events…

Why do marketing survey?

Better customer satisfaction

Know your customers perfectly to better direct your actions and always hit the bull’s eye!

Full ambassadors everywhere

Turn your customers into ambassadors and boost their loyalty and your brand reputation.

High revenues and low costs

Discover your strengths and weaknesses and improve customer experience and happiness.

Productivity and efficiency

Be strategic and
launch crazy campaigns
with fewer resources and
less time.

There is survey for every marketing need

With Naxai, conduct surveys for all your marketing goals:


Find out if your brand is known by your prospects and what is your development potential.


Consolidate your strategy: position yourself on the market and identify your competitive advantages.


Find out why your customers have chosen your brand and products and what they get out of it.


Understand your customers’ experience with your communication tools and your brand to improve them.


Analyze the behavior of your target audience to understand in depth their functioning and needs.


Get to know your target and identify the actions and strategies to implement for each type of customer.

AB Testing

A/B and ad testing

Gather concrete data by testing your actions and campaigns and analyze the effect of changes.



Analyze your performance and the market to discover your strengths and capitalize on them.

Surveys in 3 steps

All the steps of your marketing survey strategy in one tool.

Create your surveys

1. Create

Start at the beginning: create your survey from a template or from scratch. It’s up to you! Choose from NPS ®, CSAT or CES. In a few clicks, customize the questions, add your logo, translate your survey into several languages…

Send your surveys

2. Send

With Naxai, you have an omnichannel platform to send your surveys. Choose among the channels available on Naxai or take them all, you decide: SMS, voice, email… Everything is good to reach your customers!


3. Analyze

In the blink of an eye, see the results of your surveys. Create your own reports, evaluate the evolution of your scores, group customer comments by theme, use AI to easily identify positive or negative opinions…

Surveys for every goals

The secret of a successful brand or product is to speak to its audience. And for that, nothing is better than knowing your market to know how to make it happy. Determine what you need and select the best type of survey to get it.


How strong is your brand? Are your customers loyal? Find out with NPS ® surveys:

  • • Engage your customers in conversation with surveys and find out what makes them happy

  • • Recruit promoters and make sure you keep them and turn them into ambassadors
NPS marketing survey
CSAT for Digital Marketing Managers


Are your customers happy? CSAT surveys will tell you! Conduct CSAT surveys to:

  • • Measure your customers’ satisfaction with a product, a service, an experience…

  • • Focus on satisfaction 



Evaluate the fluidity of your processes with the Customer Effort Score (CES):

  • • Discover how to adapt your communication to improve the experience

  • • Identify opportunities to reduce frustration
CES for digital marketing managers
Integrate your favourite marketing tools

All your tools, anytime

Find all your marketing tools through an API. CRM, software… Connect them to Naxai and boost your productivity with automation.

All you need, right here


Choose a template from the library and save time or take it and create your own marketing survey. It’s up to you!


Be sure to reach your customers: send marketing survey via their preferred communication channel: SMS, email, voice, link…


Speak the same language as your customers: make your marketing surveys in several languages. For sure, you will score big!


Speak to your customers as if you knew them all. Personally. With personalized surveys, you are closer to them.

Send the survey you need


Evaluate your customer’s loyalty with your brand or service by sending NPS ® survey.

preview NPS survey


Measure the difficulty of finalising a process thanks to Customer Effort Score surveys.

preview CES survey


Find out how satisfied your customers are by sending Customer Satisfaction surveys.

preview CSAT survey