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Create the products they want

Find the perfect match between your product and the market with surveys. Question your prospects and customers and create the product they desire.

Product Survey

Align your products with customer needs

Always be the first to know what your customers think. With custom product surveys, you’ll have accurate, long-term market feedback on your products at all times. Build an effective product strategy with valuable data!

Stay competitive

Make better decisions

Listen to your customers to create the product that really fits the market. Ask yourself and your customers the right questions with product surveys in minutes! Feelings, problems, features,… you can find out everything if you ask.

Collect relevant data

Every customer feedback is actionable data. This information provides insight into your customers’ habits, preferences, requests and experiences. Analyze it, categorize it, and leverage it into opportunities!

Stay agile and efficient

Use customer feedback to discover what works and what doesn’t with your product. Rank features, adapt what is necessary and remove what is not. So that your products are viable and competitive in the long-term.

Product surveys for all your needs

With Naxai, create and maintain your products with product surveys.

Market Research

Gather feedback on your concept designs to ensure a market-ready launch and long-term product life.


Evaluate the competition in your market and adapt your strategy to match people’s needs.


Split your contacts and create your segments to identify reactions according to your target.


Consolidate product feature selection with customer feedback and offer what appeals.


Determine the best price for your product by evaluating market demand and maximize your profits.


Ask your customers if they are happy with your products to improve the product experience.


Analyze your customers’ online / in-store behavior and develop the perfect experience.


Assess how loyal your customers are to your brand and products and turn them into promoters.

A platform made for product management

Use Naxai to conduct surveys and find out if your products meet market needs. Save time, resources and learn everything you need to build the best products.

Create your surveys

1. Create

Find what you need with survey templates. Then, with just a few clicks, customize your choice, add your logo, translate your survey into multiple languages… It’s all about getting answers. 

Send your surveys

2. Send

In a few clicks, choose how to send your survey to your customers: SMS, voice, email… Select a channel or mix them, it’s up to you.


3. Analyze

Find all the information you need in one place, directly on our platform. Charts, content, analysis… Create your own customized reports, evaluate the evolution of your scores, group customer comments by theme, use artificial intelligence to easily identify positive or negative feedback…

What are you looking for?

Knowing your market means knowing what to offer to make your customers happy. Select the best type of survey to get the information you need and create your dream product.


Establish your brand strength and customer loyalty with NPS ® surveys.

But NPS ® offers you much more:

  • Start a conversation with your customers through surveys to find out what makes them happy
  • Recruit and retain promoters with innovative approaches to loyalty
NPS for Product Managers
CSAT for Digital Marketing Managers


With CSAT surveys, determine if your product and services are truly satisfying your customers.

Use CSAT surveys to:

    • Measure customer satisfaction with a specific product or service
    • Evaluate sentiment following a recent purchase
    • Focus on satisfaction


With the Customer Effort Score (CES), evaluate the smoothness of your processes, online, over the phone or in-store, and help with customer support.

CES allows you to:

    • Determine if the product requires adaptation or if information is missing
    • Identify opportunities to reduce post-purchase frustration
CES for Product Managers
Integrations for Product Managers

Connect your favorite tools

Link your favorite software and tools to Naxai through an API.

Automating your work has never been easier and more efficient.

One and only tool



Use templates to directly access a defined survey structure. Create your own or choose one from the library, it’s up to you!


Contact your customers via their preferred channel. Send your surveys through the channel(s) that suit your contacts: SMS, email, voice, link…

Private domain

Use your own domain for your surveys. You ensure that your customers directly identify that the communication comes from you.


Send your surveys in multiple languages. Choose to communicate in the language of your contacts with the language choice option.


Add all the information you need to track about your surveys. Write notes, indicate treatment or contact information… imagination is the only limit.


Make your platform even more powerful with an API key. The ideal tool to centralize your data and personalize your surveys.


Make your surveys more personal with a variety of customization options. Edit text, add personal information or internal data, offer multilingual surveys… 

Send the survey you need


Evaluate your customer’s loyalty with your brand or service by sending NPS ® survey.

preview NPS survey


Measure the difficulty of finalising a process thanks to Customer Effort Score surveys.

preview CES survey


Find out how satisfied your customers are by sending Customer Satisfaction surveys.

preview CSAT survey