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1. Improvement of the email API

With the addition of suppression lists, emails will not be sent to recipients that bounced or marked your emails as spam, which protects the reputation of the sending address. Additionally, to help you identify temporarily unreachable contacts, we have added details about the delayed bounces.

Custom reporting

2. Survey templates & translations

The survey feature now allows you to save your customized survey as a template in order to reuse it at a later stage. No need to start from scratch anymore! On top of that, your survey content can be translated automatically.

AI powered

3. Updates of the interface

Besides from the color scheme being updated, all your account features are now combined. And, as an owner, you can now select in which subaccount you want to work, directly from the list of subaccounts.


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Thanks to Naxai Academy, you can now enhance your knowledge of Naxai features in just a few clicks. Naxai Academy offers a variety of short video lessons that can help you to dive deeper into the platform’s capabilities and discover innovative ways to optimize your work.

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